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Founder Chairman Reliance Group
December 28, 1932 - July 6, 2002
m The Reliance Group, founded by Dhirubhai H. Ambani

m India's largest private sector enterprise

m Businesses in the energy and materials value chain.

m Group's annual revenues are in excess of USD 22

m Currently, selling through company-owned stores
currently totals just $8 billion in India. Industry
estimates say that the country¶s retail industry is
worth $300 billion, that is about Rs 13,50,000
crore. This stands a chance to blossom to $427
billion in the next four years. Organised retail
accounts for just over Rs 35,000 crore.
m RIL's Retail Project will be through the following companies:
¬ Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Subsidiary of RILRanger Farms Private Limite
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Retail Concepts and Services Private Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Reliance Retail Insurance Broking Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Reliance Dairy Foods Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Reliance Retail Finance Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ RESQ Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Reliance digital Retail Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
¬ Reliance Service Solutions Limited
¬ Subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited
m Reliance Retail Limited is the vision of •  
 who is also the Chairman &
Managing Director of RIL.
m The Executive Directors are Nikhil R. Meswani,
Hital R. Meswani, Hardev Singh Kohli, PMS
Prasad and R. Ravimohan.
m Ramniklal H. Ambani is the non-executive and
non-independent director.
m To be the most admired and successful organized retail company in
m India that materially enhances the quality of life of every Indian
m By
m Providing unprecedented affordability, quality and choice
m Being the partner of choice in creating prosperity for Indian farmers
m and other vendor partners
m Unleashing the power of the Indian workforce through the
m generation of new & attractive employment opportunities
m Ê  • Ê
m Throughout the years RRL has been successful in
setting up more than 900 stores in 80 cities across 14
states in India to facilitate its multi-format store strategy.

* To work constantly to encourage employees to develop professional

competency and to accept social responsibility through the company's
safety, environmental, productivity, and quality efforts.

m Food & Grocery
m Apparel & Footwear
m Consumer Durables &
m Electronics
m Furniture & Furnishings
m FMCG & Personal Care
m Lifestyle Products and
m Services
m Healthcare, Financial,
m Membership, Travel,
m Auto and Entertainment
m Services
m Reliance World (formerly Reliance WebWorld) is a
world-class nationwide chain of retail outlets for products
and services of the Reliance ± Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

m Digital world of information, communication,

entertainment and utility services.

m Connected to Reliance¶s countrywide optic fibre network.

m Reliance Retail Ltd. has a number of company-owned outlets along
with a franchisee format that would be in collaboration with Kirana
shop owners. Its various divisions are:

m Reliance Mart
m Reliance Fresh
m Reliance Super
m Reliance Digital
m Reliance Trends
m Reliance Wellness
m Reliance Jewels
m Reliance Timeout
m Reliance Mart (1,50,000-3,00,00 sq. ft.) is the
company's hypermarket format
m It is designed to be an all under one roof
supermarket that again caters to household
m Around 23 percent of the hypermarket floor
space will be allocated to garment brands, while
the rest will stock footwear, home goods and
other products. Luxury products will cover a floor
space of 11 percent
m      was the first amongst various format stores to be
launched by Reliance Retail Ltd
m The stores would typically be of an area of around 3,000-5,000 sq ft.
Each store is to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and also products of
Reliance Select and other related groceries
m Presently the Reliance Fresh store sizes are between 1100 sq ft and
7500 sq ft depending upon the location
m It currently has 453 stores operational across India and the ideology
behind the initiative has been to bring 
removing middle men and benefitting both farmer and consumer
m It currently has 453 stores operational across India and
the ideology behind the initiative has been to bring
³Farm to fork´ thereby removing middle men and
benefitting both farmer and consumer
m It is to offer over 10,000 products in various categories
like grocery, home care, stationery, pharmaceutical
products, apparels & accessories, FMCG, consumer
durables & IT, automotive accessories and lifestyle
m Reliance Super stores are to be large supermarkets with
an area of 4,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. and will not sell fruits
and vegetables like Reliance Fresh
!    m is a consumer electronics concept
mega store
! It is designed to be a one stop shop for all technology
solutions in the field of consumer electronics, home
appliances, information technology and
! The stores are to cover an area of more than 15,000 sq.
ft. and offer a variety of over 4,000 products spread
across 150 brands
! It shall also provide finance options for purchases
! Reliance Digital is to be a large format store spread
across 15,000 to 35,000 sq. ft. and is scheduled to come
up in 70 cities in India in the near future
m      is a specialty apparel store that will sell
men, women and children¶s garments
m The store will carry the best of national and international
brands like John Players, Peter England, Indigo Nation,
Wrangler, Reebok, and Lee, apart from in-house brands
m By 2010, Reliance has planned to open 100 more stores
across the country with focus on major cities
m The company is targeting a turnover of Rs. 20,000 crore
($5 billion) from this format. This is a part of the US$ 25
billion (Rs. 100,000 crore) overall sales from retail
m      is a chain of specialty
wellness stores that would offer pre-emptive,
curative as well as health and beauty solutions
m It will sell international and national brands like
H2O, Neutrogena, Olay, Sports Nutrition, etc.
They will also house alternate medicine, health
books & music
m It is to house world class products under one
roof and also educate consumers on their health
needs, thus enabling them to take charge of
their health
m      is a specialty footwear store that
would offer over 25,000 pairs of formal, casual, ethnic,
party wear and sports wear in men, women and children
m The store is to be spread over 7,500 square feet and be
dedicated to footwear, handbags and accessories.
m The design of Footprint was conceptualized by Pavlik of
USA which is one of the best design houses in the world
keeping in mind the taste and preferences of the Indian
m The store plans a pan-India presence by opening over
15 more specialty stores
m    !   is a stand-alone fine jewelery format
m Reliance Retail ventured into gems and jewelery trade
with the aim of launching 300 stores all over India within
a 3 year time frame
m With a growing demand for jewelery and lower
competition, Reliance Retail Ltd. plans to overtake Tata¶s
Tanishq by 2010
m In Diamond jewelery, Reliance Jewels will offer the finest
quality of diamonds and the widest range of daily wear,
party wear and wedding designs.
- With over 56,000 products
Reliance Timeout will offer customer an
extensive range of merchandise in books,
music, stationery, toys and gifts
m Reliance Timeout will offer a comprehensive
range of products in these categories along with
an attempt to create a fascinating customer
experience with a warm, lively ambience.
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 " to ensure fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices
m They selected the cream crowd from pioneers in organized retailers
to head the organization. With such a strong foothold, they ventured
and their cash counters clicked Rs 3.5 to Rs 6.5 lakh per day and
some outlets at prime locations are averaging Rs 5 lakh per day
m But Vegetable vendors and small retail shop-owners are accusing
Reliance of directly hitting their business
m In states like Kerala, West Bengal and Orissa, where they face
opposition, they have changed their retail strategy by introducing
large supermarkets h    Ê Ê $, where they will
not trade in fruits and vegetables
Ú  %/ |  %
) |  %#  %
. - %0 ,
m    , they have consciously segregated its
vegetarian and non-vegetarian items by having a separate brand -
Delight for the latter, with a separate distribution centre - A smart
move as vegetarians are sensitive to these issues
m Seeing huge opportunities, they have introduced own brands like
µDairy Pure¶ for milk, ghee, (the only other major player being Amul)
and µReliance Select¶ for other categories like staples
m This will optimize margins and streamline supply chain because of
bulk procurement.
 h$   ! %  with
Pearle Europe for the launch of a chain of optical stores. This will
bring a world-class range of private label frames, lenses and
sunglasses. The optical industry is on the brink of major growth and
has few organized players. Even the Tatas have ventured in this
m Reliance has     ranging from
Rs 1,000 per sq ft to as high as Rs 22,000 per
sq ft or more for their expansion
m Reliance        for
further expansion as faced with expensive real
estate costs and delays in retail space
m The company is   & 
  in all formats other than Reliance
Fresh and Reliance Hypermarket. This is yet
another success formula for giant retailers
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m Reliance and Ô    are the early birds at making a dent in
the large profit from the retail sector in India, at excellent real estate
rates for properties in prime locations
m Reliance Retail gears for  
m Reliance Retail, already creating ripples in the organized domestic
retail market, is poised to   
 in order to take on
serious competition from the likes of 
m The Mukesh Ambani-spearheaded venture is bidding to buy out
smaller competitors such as 6 and also has plans to
gobble up other well-known brands including    and
  , the book and music store chain in which corporate
behemoth Tata has a controlling stake through its retail arm Trent
m    (  a subsidiary of Reliance Retail has entered into
an alliance with 
    Footwear and Accessories of the US to
license and distribute its products in India.
m According to RIL¶s Annual  )**+*,   
   reported a net loss of Rs. 20.24 crore on a
revenue of Rs. 622.31 crore
m      reported a net loss of Rs. 249.30 crore
on a revenue of Rs. 1,778.06 crore
m    " 
 reported a loss of Rs. 51.84
crore on a revenue of Rs. 372.32 crore
m    -     closed the year with an
aggregate loss of Rs. 557 crore on a revenue of about
Rs. 4,000 crore
m Both the retail giants do not vary much in their
offerings and image
m It may be possible in the near future that they are
left with no differentiation but still create a loyal
customer base for themselves
m According to analysts, in the long run, this would
develop niche markets .