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Masthead - The masthead takes up just over

the left third of the top of the page. It is in red

writing, with a white boarder, and is in bold, block
writing. The font is quite masculine, as of the
colour red is one that is associated with men
stereotypically more than women. The font being
quite bold, box like and compact, gives the
masthead a modern feel, suggesting the target
audience of the magazine is young, around the
mid-twenties. All of the letters are in upper case,
as this is a convention of a magazine, to have
upper case characters on the front cover,
therefore it stands out to an on looking audience.

Strapline The strapline of the magazine is at the top, and says about
how there is a 16 page autumn tour special. It is in a serif font, and is
black, which stands out from the predominantly white sans serif font for
the rest of the cover lines, making it more visible to the audience and
separating it from the other topics, which are about individual artists.
Using the serif font makes the font looks more sophisticated that the other
coverlines, due to the font style that has been used, which suggests that
the target audience may be more upper class than the other fonts they
have used, as serif fonts are stereotypically associated with a higher
intelligence due to being used in books, and the extra lines making the
The complicated.
magazines puff is located just under the masthead, on the
top left third of the page. It is red with both black and white writing.
By placing the puff here, it brings the audiences attention to it right
away, as it just under the focal point of the magazine. The puff uses all
of the colours in the masthead, which again tie it in to the masthead.
The words in the puff say wowzee zowzee which is informal language,
which means that the target audience of the magazine are younger,
because younger people stereotypically use informal language and
By using this language in the puff, makes the audience
understand that the magazine is for them because it is the first piece of
writing that they see, and anyone older would generally turn away
the language.
Main ofImage
The image is a full body shot of Dizziee Rascal,
however it is still a medium shot because you can only see half of
his body due to his stance. The image has direct address, which is a
convention of a magazine. The shot type shows the clothing of the
model, which is jeans, a white tee-shirt and trainers. This is
something that the target audience may wear, suggesting that the
audience may be unemployed, lower class and male, as the clothes
are not formal, and the main image being informal because of the
tilted camera angle, and the stance he is standing in, which is
with his
Main Cover
cover line of the article, is white with
a black shadow around it, and goes across the page, however,
predominantly in the centre and is across two lines. The lines are
slightly tilted, which matched the tilted angle of the main image,
which creates anchorage for the photo, as well as the white font and
the models white t-shirt, therefore the audience knows that the
main image is tied to that coverline. By having the main coverline
in white, it matches the red, black and white colour scheme of the
magazine, and stands out on the magazine, which is quite multi
coloured with the graffiti. By using the black shadow, it makes the
main cover line stand out from the other one on the right third and

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