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Have you been bored?

Girls!!!This class might have more boys

than us but we should show that deep
inside this class they are some girls who
want to see intresting presentations which
they don't provide guns and fight.



A presentation ONLY for girls.

About dogs...


Dog's hearing
Don't shout to your dog!He hears you
better than you hear yourself.
Dogs can hear four times better than
humans so they can hear your voice from
far far away.

Dog's vision
Dogs are able to see only a few colors
Dogs vision at night is better than ours.
Dogs are watching everything in slow motion.
This is why their nose is working more than 8
time better than humans.

Dog's smell
They can smell very well so that helps
them to identify their owner every time.
Their face is long and it has more than
150 smelling sensors inside when a
human has only 25-30.
Smelling is dogs best characteristic.

Dog's body
Their body is made to run fast and swim
very good.Some dog breeds are made to
run and they can reach 48 km per hour.
Their tail sometimes helps them to swim.
They have got a small bone into their feet
which really helps when running but when
they get older takes them off from walking.

Is it so easy to have a dog?

If you want to have a dog you must be sure
you have enough time to play with him.
you are able to take him for a walk every
you should medicine him every month.
you should have a place where your dog
can run and play.

Dogs giving birth

Dogs use to born 6-10 puppies so it's
being difficult for one mommy to take care
of them.That's why many puppies do not

Can we help?
If we had a dog which it has been gift birth
we could be help her with some ways:
Give her a clear place to have her babies.
Make sure that every puppy has eaten
Give mommy a special food which helps
her to have more milk for her babies.

New puppy at home!!!

give it some time to use to his new home.

make sure that you dog is not scared.
start learning tricks from first days.
show him what not to do.
be very very patient.

Tricks you should learn him:


You can teach him a lot of tricks but these

are very important.

Why my dog is barking??

Try to live without speaking to anyone.This
is what your dog is trying but he gives up
cause it is clear that he can't.
If your dog is trying to speak to you in a
way you should let him to tell you what he

Playing with your dog...

For me it's one of the most impotant things
but one the funiest things too.
Playing is one more trick you should learn
him but if you will show him everything
about what to do it will be easy.
You don't have to buy the most expensive
ball but you only have to be a good owner.

Is you dog happy?

To make sure that your dog is happy you
should first of all be happy with him and
take care off him
be sure that he has been run enough for
be sure that he is healthy
let him to go inside your home

After a few years...

If you really want to have the best dog on
earth belive to him.
Keep trying and giving him you attention.
After 2,3 years he will have been learnt
everything which is important.
Now you can live your life with your dog as
you imagined her.

My 16 favorite dog breeds:

Every breed is different so you can choise
between them and say that you like one
the most.

Hope you agree with me!!!

1. Labrador
max weight:29kg
max height:59cm
max age:13
Labs are the best dogs ever!!They are
really obedience and they will still love you
untill the last second of their life.

2.Jack russell
max weight:10kg
max height:38cm
max age:17
J.Russells are really funny dogs and they
will never stop bouncing and bite
everything.They love playing and running.

3.Golden Retriever
max weight:34kg
max height:61cm
max age:12
Goldies are the best puppies if you want to
have always a flufy ball beside you.

max weight:12kg
max height:40cm
max age:15
Beagles love singing and smelling all
time.They are playful and not the best
breed for tricks

max weight:28kg
max height:60cm
max age:15
Huskies are really cute and thy love water
but they need hair brushing every day.

max weight:21kg
max height:56cm
max age:16

Collies are very obedience and the best

breed for tricks and stuns.

7.Cocker spaniel
max weight:17kg
max height:41cm
max age:16

Cockers are very playful and good for


max weight:13kg
max height:45cm
max age:16

Griffies are the most patient dogs ever and

they really love their owner.

9.Miniature pinscher
max weight:7kg
max height:30cm
max age:14

M.Pinscher need to be trained because

the like to be independent.

10.Cavalier charles
max weight:8kg
max height:33cm
max age:14

C.Charles are a very good friend when

you are bored.

max weight:31kg
max height:69cm
max age:14

Cetes always know what do you want

them to do.

12.Chow chow
max weight:23kg
max height:52cm
max age:17

Chow chows are very calm and they will

always be by your side.

max weight:27kg
max height:61cm
max age:13

Dalmatians are good hunters and they

love to be with you.

max weight:15kg
max height:25cm
max age:13

Daschuds can't stay without you if they will

not cry.

max weight:60kg
max height:69km
max age:10
Rodies are sometimes getting angry but in
fact they are really good dogs and they
love their owners.

16.Anatolian Shepherd
max weight:63kg
max height:82cm
max age:14

Anatolian shepherd are the best hunters

but these dog love to sleep and lie down.

Personal stories...
When i hadn't born yet my parents had a

This dog is still alive today but she is 14

years old :(.

When i was 6 years old we took an other


This dog now has been killed after giving

birth 2 times.

... we kept 2 of her children.

The white one is still alive but the other one

after giving birth one time died with her
mommy :((((((.

we gift all the puppies she did and now we

have only 2 dogs.

You should buy a dog because it's going to

be one of the best choises you've done.

If you still belive that dogs are dirty animals
who just want to eat your this:

Living with a pet is really cool!!!

Dogs are man's best friend!!
Have a relationship with a dog and you will
be really happy with this.

Did you like my presentation?


thanxx :)))