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Leadership Training

By Ishaq Bin Sadiq


the process of influencing others to

understand and agree about what
needs to be done and how to do it,
and the process of facilitating
individual and collective efforts to
accomplish shared objectives.


Leadership in Islam
Lead to achieve an objective and
Compete to be ahead of others to
seek the pleasure of Allah and
success in hereafter.

Qualities of a leader

Pious/Good consious

Law of Influence: The True Measure of Leadership

is Influence Nothing More, Nothing Less
The Law of Influence states that leadership is measured based on a
person's ability to influence others; nothing more, nothing less.
Let's look at the influence of the Prophet:
Only a few short years after the Prophetand his followers were
forced out of their hometown of Mecca, he came back accompanied
by 10,000 others and became the ruler. Within the next 100 years,
the Islamic Empire stretched from Morocco to China. Fourteen
hundred years later, Muhammad is the most popular name in the
world, and there are over 1.3 billion Muslims spread out across the
entire globe. His name is being repeated across the globe millions
of times daily. His life is being studied in homes, masajid and
universities across the globe. Whether you walk into a mosque in
Tokyo, Delhi, Dubai, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Bogota or
Sao Paulo, you will hear Surah al-Fatiha recited and see people
praying the way that the Prophetused to pray.

Law of Process: Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a


The Law of Process states that growth

in leadership happens every single
day, not in a single day.
Have you ever heard the story about
the Prophettaking a day off from his
leadership responsibilities? Of course
you haven't because it didn't

Law of Navigation: Anyone can Steer the Ship,

but It Takes a Leader to Chart the Course

The Law of Navigation states that it's the

leader who sets the vision for his people,
and then he leads them to that vision.
Are there words to describe the incredible
vision of the Prophet? Can you imagine
what it would be like if you and the people
you led were tortured, boycotted, mocked,
murdered and driven out of your homes and
still having the wherewithal to talk about
conquering Rome and Constantinople?

Law of Addition: Leaders Add

Value by Serving Others
The Law of Addition emphasizes the
practice of Servant Leadership, or
the concept that the leader is there
to serve the people and not the
opposite. The Prophet was truly a
servant of the people who added
value to everyone's life that he came

Law of Solid Ground: Trust is the

Foundation of Leadership
Without trust, there cannot be
leadership. The Law of Solid Ground
states that trust is the foundation
upon which leadership and influence
is laid. Every leadership guru in the
modern world speaks of trust as an
integral part of great leadership.
What again was the Prophet's
nickname before he even became a