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What do you
know about

Rat in my Kitchen! (UB40)

Listen to the track
Can you clap along to the off-beat
What does off-beat mean? Discuss in

Rat in my Kitchen! (UB40)

Listen to the track
Can you clap along to the off-beat
What does off-beat mean? Discuss in

Intended Outcome
All students MUST (grade F):
Be able to perform the chords of a Reggae song
and attempt the bass line.
Some students SHOULD (grade E):
Perform the chords of a Reggae song accurately
with an off-beat rhythm and perform the bass
line accurately.

Some students COULD (grade D/C):

Perform the off-beat chords and the bass line
accurately, and put the two parts together with
a partner.

Learning about Caribbean


Bob Marley is probably the greatest of all reggae artists. He has

achieved legendary status.
Born in 1945 in Jamaica, he first recorded in 1962 under the name of
Bobby Martell, but these early recordings did not get him noticed.
He experimented with ska and gradually moved towards reggae as his
music evolved.
His career really took off with his group The Wailers. The band became
top hit makers across Jamaica. The Wailers included the famous reggae
musicians Bunny Livingstone and Peter Tosh.
Bob Marley gained his success during the age of black power and the
rise of Rastafarianism. He became very involved in the Rastafarian
movement. Rastafarianism is both a religion and a way of life. It is about
justice and freedom of the black race. It opposes violence and practices
a peaceful means of resistance. The Wailers had grown up in the harsh
ghetto of Kingston in Jamaica, where Rasta first grew among the
poorer people. The Wailers songs began to express a deep
understanding of life and its struggle. This was a big contrast to the
cheerful ska music of the previous decade.
In 1975, his song No woman, No Cry brought him fame at a wider
He died of cancer in 1981. He was 36 years old.
Even though Bob Marleys life was short, he brought reggae and
Rastafarianism to a worldwide audience.

Reggae Features
Riffs the bass guitars job is to play a short,
repeated bass line very loudly.
Melodies singers usually make use of the
Jamaican national language, which means that
the rhythms of the songs upbeat and lively.
Each song is usually in two parts: the verse and
the chorus. The singer will often stop for one
verse which is called an instrumental.
Listen to an extract from a Reggae song by Bob Marley
called Three Little Birds. As you listen to the song, tap
the offbeat (or weak rhythms)

Off-beat rhythms

In Reggae music, chords are played

on the off-beat (in-between the beat)
Try it!

To end
Tell your partner three things you
have learnt today.
Complete your tracker have you
met your outcome? How will you
improve next week?