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Reconciliation in Afghanistan

Reconciliation in Afghanistan
Both Pakistan and china have joined hands with each other

to bring peace in Afghanistan this peace is very essential

for stability in Pakistan, economic prosperity in Pakistan.
It is equally important for china because of the sink yangh
movement this reconciliation effort has excluded both
united states as well as India. The first round has already
been held in Pakistan and second round was scheduled for
Friday 31st july 2015 in Pakistan. This news of death of
mullah umar has made this round doubtful in future
further rounds would be held both in Pakistan and china.
China is the largest invester in Afghanistan

2..Reconciliation in Afghanistan
And once peace is established this whole region

would be connected from china to central Asia

through Pakistan and afghanistan.

3. Handing over of Gawadar port to china

Gawadar port was established with chinese assistance

initialy 250 million US dollars were invested for its

construction china contributed 198 million US dollars and
the rest was provided by pakistan the remaining amount 52
million US dollars was provided by pakistan when this
project was completed it was handed over to a Singapore
company against the wishes of China under American
pressure during the war on terror. It was a decision taken
by parvez musharaf in 2013 peoples party government took
two significant decisions
One gawadar was handed over to china and second was
pakistan iran gas pipeline

4. Pak china counter terrorism cooperation

When it comes to pak china relation terrorism has two

dimension one is external which is also known as

global terrorism and second is internal where Chinese
citizens working in Pakistan or targeted in order to
discourage them as far as the first dimension is
concerned both countries are on same page china
always appreciated Pakistan's role in war against terror
and provided assistance to Pakistan in this regard
as far as the second dimension is concerned there is
zero tolerance against those who are targeting Chinese
citizens . Lal masjid operation is one such example .

4. Pak china counter terrorism cooperation

The present government after coming into power

decided to provide special security to Chinese

citizens wherever they are working. Army would
secure the economic corridor which would prevent
the incidents of internal terrorism

5. Pak china Trade relations

200o onwards the emphasis shifted from political and

defense relations to economic and trade relations

In 2005 both countries signed free trade agreement
that has increased the volume of trade to a
considerable extent which is evident from the fact that
volume of trade in 2001 was one billion US dollars in
2014 this volume has increased to 15 billion US
dollars. The balance of trade is always in favor of
China which is a source of concern for Pakistan.

5. Pak china Trade relations

In this 15 billion US dollars 12 billion are Chinese exports to

Pakistan and only 3 billion are Pakistan's export to china

This problem is also due to our narrow export base. Our
exports are only limited to 5 sectors such as

Surgical goods

Volume of trade between India and china is close to 85

billion US dollars.

6. Pak china nuclear cooperation

This cooperation has got two dimensions

Developing nuclear bombs

Using nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes

74,76,84,98 you just need to touch those points as

far as peacefull use of nuclear technology so far 2

projects chasnup chashma nuclear project , 2
projects , having a capacity of 250 mega watts each
which are known as chasnup 1 ancd chasnup 2
2 more projects are under construction which are
chasnup 3 ad chasnup 4 having the same capacity..

6. Pak china nuclear cooperation

Chasnup se total energy 1000 MG energy produce

Recentrly china has offered to construct a nuclear
plant in karachi in 2014 and this project is been
criticized based on japneese nuclear leakage of
Photoshema project[it was a year before , although
this project was constructed 1000km away from
population but leakage has started but here in karachi
its 300km away so it has yet to be materialized
altough china has said about security facility]