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The Pharmaceutical and

Biotechnology Industries
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Pharmaceutical companies produce and market drugs, livestock

feed supplements, vitamins, and a host of other products.

Consistently of
of the
most profitable industries
in the U.S.
with sales exceeding
$300 billion per year.

The Biotechnology industry uses advances in genetics research

to develop products for human diseases and conditions and
includes companies engaged in drug discovery and production,
research, and biologically engineered food production.

Biotech opportunities largely mirror those in the pharmaceutical

industry even though this industry is still in its infancy
developmentally. Focus is on R & D now marketing and sales
will come later.


Biotech companies have formed partnerships with big

pharmaceutical companies to better utilize joint resources
for research, marketing and sales distribution networks.
Going toward large scale consolidation of companies from
many to a few very large. This trend can negatively impact
employment opportunities for many.

Potential problems ahead due to expiring patents on

certain drugs, economic downturn, criticism for profit
margin at the expense of the consumer.

Hope lies ahead in bioethics and stem cell research.

Love In Pharmaceutical /
Biotechnology Industry

creates products that ease

suffering, save lives, make many foods
cheaper and more accessible,and improve
the environment.
Brainy Industry! Intellectually satisfying
High earning potential.
Cutting edge technology in R & D

Hate In Pharmaceutical/
Biotechnology Industry

High risk of company layoff due to consolidation and

mergers as the bottom line investment is not in saving
lives but in the profit margin.
High level of education needed, PhD level, in order to
meet with any level of continued success.
Few R & D ideas develop into actual
products.Extensive reading,communicating, and
teamwork needed in order to meet any level of
All the news isnt rosy in the land of biotech and
pharma. Weak new-product pipelines, in addition to
the general economic downturn, have depressed stock

Major Players

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry


of multinational giants that dominate the

industry known as BIG PHARMA.

located in United States with some in

Western Europe.

employs tens of thousands of people

and sell drugs in every corner of the world.

the cost of high costs of drug

development, manufacturing, marketing, and
sales, multinational giants are seeking
partnerships with biotechnology companies

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry

Job Descriptions

Lab Tech performs

routine tasks to keep
labs functioning.
Research Associate
conducts experiments
under the guidance of
Research Scientist
designs and conducts
experiments, (PhD +).

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry

Job Descriptions

Research Physician M.D. that

develops and implements clinical trials.
Quality Control Analyst Entry level, (B.S.
degree), insures company meets Federal
Other Careers - opportunities exist for
engineers, IT specialists, lawyers, salespeople,
and marketing specialists.

Top 5 Bio-Tech
Employers on Long Island


50 Motor Pkwy., Hauppauge,

150 Motor Pkwy., Suite 210,
Hauppauge, 11788

Revenue: $174.5 million

Revenue: $138.9 million

Profit: $16 million

Loss: $39.9 million

CEO: Joseph Feshbach

CEO: Ross Blechman

Employees: 400; local, 90

Employees: 620; local, 110

Top 5 Bio-Tech
Employers on Long Island



1111 Marcus Ave., Lake Success,


60 Executive Blvd.,
Farmingdale, 11735

Revenue: $129.5 million

Profit: $1.2 million

Revenue: $59.3 million

Profit: $9.4 million

CEO: Anthony Lombardo

CEO: Elazar Rabbani

Employees: 868; local, 243

Employees: 230; local, 220

Top 5 Bio-Tech
Employers on Long Island


369 Bayview Ave., Amityville,
Revenue: $46.1 million
Profit: $5.6 million
CEO: David S. Seltzer
Employees: 200; local, 190

Bio-Tech Career Overview

Bio-Tech is a 300 Billion Dollar Industry

Successful business are largely dependent of FDA
Bio-Tech is a fast growing industry with a potential for
long term stable employment
Benefits include generous annual stock-option grants
for managers
Average annual salary is approx. 52K

Career Overview

Bio-Tech careers are primarily focused on

Research & Development, but may incorporate
other business facets such as:
Computer Programming
Health Care Professionals

Career Overview
There is also a growing need in specialized
projects: for nutritionists, environmentalists,
and law-enforcement specialists:


Job Requirements in Biotech and

J ob titles include:
Lab tech
Research Associate
Research Scientist
Sales Rep
Marketing Analyst/
Associate Product Manager
Product Manager
Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Patent Attorney
Clinical Research Physician

E ducational requirements range

with position from the entry level
requirements of a lab tech to those
requiring a BS, MBA or other MS,
PhD, post doctoral or MD.
Advice or
f getting hired:
Do your homework and know
who you are talking to
Be flexible
Be ready to demonstrate that you
can apply what you have learned in

Biotech/PharmaceuticalsThe Job Outlook

Biotechnology and drug manufacturing rank among the fastest

growing industries in the U.S. and will continue to increase faster
than the average through 2010.
People with all sorts of backgrounds find jobs here--not just
scientists, but also engineers, business people, computer
programmers and health-care professionals.
There is a growing need in specialized projects for nutritionists,
environmentalists, and law enforcement specialists, among
Big Pharma companies are good places to work if you like
stability--many people will spend whole careers at a single
company, enjoying the traditional accoutrements of corporate life.

Jobs & Salaries

Career TracksDetails

Lab Technicians
Lab techs perform the routine
maintenance tasks that are needed to
keep labs functioning
Salary range: $20,000 to $35,000
Research Associate
Conduct experiments under the
guidance of scientists with PhDs
Salary range: $30,000 to $60,000
Research Scientist
Designing and conducting experiments
and writing up results for publication
Salary range: $60,000 to $100,000

Jobs & Salaries

Marketing Analyst/Associate Product Manager
Responsible for coordinating and implementing campaigns for
specific drugs and/or audiences
Salary range: $35,000 to $75,000.
Sales Representative
Focus on working with physicians, hospitals, HMOs, and countless
other medical institutions to keep health-care professionals abreast
ofand, if possible, partial towardyour company's line of
Salary range: $30,000 to $70,000

Jobs and Salaries



Requires managing a team of people and

working to determine price, distribution, brand
image, forecasting, and overall strategy for
one or more drugs
Salary range: $60,000 to $100,000

Programmers create and maintain complex
databases, particularly for clinical trials, which
can involve thousands of patients
Salary range: $40,000 to $90,000

Jobs & Salaries


Affairs Specialist
Communicate with government agencies, complete

forms, and fulfill requests to ensure a companys

compliance with governmental regulations
Salary range: $35,000 to $90,000
Patent Attorney
Help obtain patents for newly developed products or
work with regulatory affairs development
and manufacturing processes specialists to ensure
that a company's are in accordance with the
extraordinarily detailed regulations imposed by the
Salary range: $90,000 to $130,000 or more

Jobs & Salaries

Clinical Research Physician (CRP)

Develop and implement plans for ushering
experimental drugs through clinical trials.
You'll work on cross-functional teams to
document the pharmacological, regulatory,
and clinical parameters of the drugs you study.
Salary range: $90,000 to $200,000

The Lowdown on the Industry ..


The USA leads the world in pill popping with largest

market share and 5 of the 10 largest conglomerates.
Europe is # 2 in the world for consumption
Japan is #3 in the world for consumption
Focus is on products for chronic diseases such as
ulcers and high cholesterol rather than acute diseases
such as cancer and cardiovascular conditions.

The Lowdown on the Industry ..

Associations and Organizations

AAPS Pharmaceutica
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
American Pharmaceutical Association
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Drug Information Association
Generic Pharmaceutical Association
International Pharmaceutical Federation
Pharmaceutical Producers Association
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
World Health Organization

The Lowdown on the Industry ..


Counter Bioterrorism (vaccines, antidotes, biosensors and
other technology)
Protemics-the study of proteins. Studying the genes that
encode the proteins and amino acids is the key to curing
some diseases since some of them are linked to diseases.
Genetically modified foods for humans and animals.

The Lowdown on the Industry ..

An offshoot of the Biotech industry is the

Bioinformatics market. It includes the
equipment used to produce raw data
and the software used to analyze the
The Bioinformatics market is expected
to pass $2 Billion by 2007. The buyers
are Pharmaceutical companies.

The Lowdown on the Industry ..

Associations and Organizations

Industry Organization
Genetic Engineering Organization
Office of Biotechnology Activities