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Describing the field or industry that

ones profession belongs


1. Introducing a topic relevant to
ones profession

Despite the tremendous number of research personnel
in the civil engineering field, the role of sustainable
development in construction engineering requires further
study, an area of research that I am deeply interested in.

Rapid industrial expansion, environmental pollution, and
the increasing quantity of processed foods have all
dramatically impacted individual lifestyles, leading to
serious illnesses and carcinoma cancer.

Following its rapid industrial development in recent
decades, Taiwan has experienced an unusually high
amount of natural calamities and emergency situations.
For instance, the mortality rate for traffic accidents in
Taiwan is around 62 individuals out of 100,000 involved.

100,000 62
Regardless of whether for medical care or building
construction purposes, measuring radiation dosage
levels and providing necessary protection are vital

Biotechnology companies and related
academic institutions are actively
researching ways in which to develop
reagents for biochip, gene and protein

2. Describing the importance of the
topic within ones profession

With the increasing number of human diseases,
cancer and human genetics research disciplines
have subsequently expanded rapidly, raising
concern even among urban planners concerned
with environmentally friendly construction

For instance, in Taiwan, roughly 34,000 individuals died
in 2002 because of malignant diseases. Radiation
therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy are three
conventional means of treating cancer. 50% to 60% of all
individuals diagnosed with cancer will require radiation
therapy, some of which are for curative, while others are
for palliation.
2002 34,000

50% 60%

Taiwans current lack of instrumentation and trained
personnel explains why no serial study has yet been
performed island wide.

Many Taiwanese researchers involved in developing
screen tests lack clinical experience, subsequently
preventing the commercialization of product technologies
such as those in the construction industry.

; :

Taiwans aspiration to join the World Heath Organization
necessitates that medical personnel continually upgrade
their professional skills even in broad ranging areas
such as radiation monitoring on construction sites and
the creation of environmentally friendly spaces for the
growing urban sprawl.

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