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BMW Walt
Group Members:Charmi Shah-07
Jinit Tanna-08
Khushboo Agrawat-32
Heeral Upadhyay-40
Sushil Sahu
Prachi Dave-67




To become most successful premium manufacturer in the
To build new and strengthen existing customer relationship
To enrich customers lives, by making BMW ownership a most
pleasurable experience and tailoring products and services to suit
individual lifestyle.

BMWs Vision

Uniqueness through diversity.

Associate growth & development
Involvement in community
Excellence through quality & innovation
Mutual respect
Taking risks


BMW was founded in 1913 to manufacture aircraft engines

in the Munich

1928, BMW set up a car manufacturing unit and started

manufacturing a small car called 'Dixi

It was BMW's first car and was marketed under the name
BMW 3/15

328 roadster, were considered very advanced for their

time, and the roadster was even nominated as the 'Car of
the Century' in 1999

1913, Karl Rapp established Rapp-Motorenwerke:
manufacture aircraft engine- Munich, Germany.
1916, got contract to manufacture aircraft engines for
Austria-Hungarian army- Partnership with Camillo
Castiglioni & Max Friz in 1917- Named BMW(Bayerische
Motoren Work GmbH)
1918, BMW manufactured type 3a aircraft engine, which
powered biplane to reach 5000m in 29 min.
1922, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG merged with BMW to
form BMW AG.
1923, started manufacturing motorcycles.(R32, 500cc).
1928, BMW bought car manufacturing unit in Eisenach,
Germany.- DIXI-Austin 7 car. Marketed under name BMW
327 Saloon & 328 Roadster.


BMW 700, small car with air cooled, rear mounted

It had sporty exterior- sport sedan.
1961, BMW 1500- compact sedan- front disc brakes & 4
wheel suspension.
1971, moved to new head quarters, Munich.
1973, set up 1st overseas plant in South Africa.
1980s, increased exports to US, Asia and Australia.
1981, first European car maker to set up subsidiary in
Engine plant in Austria (82) & Bavaria(86).
1992, BMW outsold Mercedes for first time in Europe.
1994, bought MG Rover-mini, Land Rover, Range Rover,
In 2004 BMW manufactured & assembled three brands
BMW, Mini & Rolls Royce at 24 sites in 12 countries.
Employed 70000 people, customers up to 1.2 million
units and revenues were US $60.47 billions.

In 1970 BMW moved its headquarter to Munic

The building looks like the four cylinder of car


BMW Welts futuristic architecture is one of a kind.

A cloud-like impression is created by a double cone
supported on just twelve hinged columns, giving visitors the
feeling that the building is floating.
BMW Welts architectural concept combines design and
function in equal measure. This can be seen in the filigree
steel facade that also helps to control the temperature
within BMW Welt.
Solar energy from the roof and facade help to heat the
building, while the large wall surfaces provide ventilation.
Glass outer panels create a comfortable surface
Vegetation outside the building, especially the greenery
planted in close proximity to the buildings natural
ventilation elements, helps to trap dust and create a
cooling effect.
2,500 tonnes of steel were used in the construction of this

BMW Sheer Driving Pleasure.

BMW has a sheer experience of driving and pioneering

innovations in both design and technology.

In BMW Welt you can find clean lines, top quality materials
and light, modern look that have become the hallmark of

BMW help you by giving you extensive range of models

from BMW 1 series to BMW 7 series, the convertibles, the
roadster and the impressive X-family


BMW Motorcycle Freedom and


The first ever automobile produced by the company was a


Now, BMW Motorcycle offers models and engine types for

virtually every kind of use.

BMWs Enduro, Tour, Urban Mobility, Sport and Roadster are

the different types of motorcycle ranges which you can find.
The bikes are exhibited on the second floor next to the
Bikers Lodge
You can also experience the ride of riding a BMW
Motorcycle S 1000 RR by riding a simulator- Wheely .

The BMW Groups parent plant

The BMW Munich Plant is the BMW Groups parent plant.

It is located in the north of Munich, immediately adjacent to
the companys headquarters, BMW Welt and the BMW
The plant produces around 200,000 automobiles and
300,000 engines per year as part of the companys
worldwide production network.
Some 9,000 employees from 50 different countries ensure
the work is of the very highest quality.
The BMW plant is one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in
Here you can find out at first hand just how a BMW is made:
from stamping out the body parts and building the engines
through to painting and assembly.

Production Plant


People who enjoy Sheer Driving Pleasure tend to enjoy good
food and drink too, so culinary delights are also one of the
highlights at BMW Welt and the BMW Museum. Whether in a
bistro, caf or restaurant why not take a seat and choose
from our varied and delicious range of foods and drinks.
EssZimmer at BMW Welt
Bavarie at BMW Welt.
CooperS at BMW Welt
M1 Bar in the BMW Museum.