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On January 8, 1935 in
Tupelo, a small town in
Mississippi, in a modest
house, Gladys Presley
gives birth to twins.
First, Jesse Garon was
stillborn, but the second,
Elvis Aaron Presley was
born without problems,
becoming the only child
of the family. The child
grew up with the family,
with relatives living in
the same area of the city
of Tupelo. While living in
difficult conditions,
Vernon and Gladys
Presley still struggling to
provide the necessary
little Elvis, who had now
become the spotlight of
the two.

e on stage
First appearance on
stage takes place at the
age of just 10 when
singing Old Shep in a
competition for young
talents held in Tupelo, at
fair Mississippi-Alabama
Fair and Dairy Show,
winning the second prize
(five dollars and the
possibility of entering
free to all attractions of
the fair). At this age, but
also receives first guitar,
parents unable to afford
the bike much desired
son. In 1948, during the
celebration of the end of
the school year, little
Elvis played guitar and
voice piece Leaf on a Tree

Not long after moving to the north of Memphis, to his parents in

an attempt to shape a better life. This works in different places to
support the family financially, while following high school and
continuing to play the guitar. She leaves their hair long
(compared to standard time) and sideburns grow, which makes it
stand out from other teenagers. Participating in a talent contest,
where, playing guitar in a style considered harsh and aggressive,
get more applause than the rest, winning first prize .

In 1953 recorded their first demo at Memphis Recording Service

(later known as Sun Studio) for a sum four dollars. It contains
pieces My Happiness (My Joy) and That's When Your heartaches
Begin and his mother is a gift

After months of rehearsal, in early July of 1954, Elvis and the boys recorded
Thats All Right and Blue Moon Of Kentucky, considered one of the first rock
& roll singles ever made. It has sold over 300,000 copies in the first three weeks
only. Elvis' first single will record sales of over a million copies, making her first
gold record interpreter.
In November 1955, Elvis signed with RCA Records, Colonel Parker negotiates
the sale of all recordings made at Sun Studio by performer against the huge (in
those days) amount of $ 40,000 plus a bonus of $ 5,000 for Presley. The five
singles were relaunched by RCA, Elvis became the most publicized new
interpreter of the music industry. On January 10, 1956, Elvis attend a recording
studio in Nashville RCA group with vocals back in Jordanaires, where among
other pieces will record and Heartbreak Hotel.
January 28, 1956 is when his first appearances in a Stage Show telecast on
CBS. In the same year his first album appears and Elvis Presley, who arrived
quickly on the first position on the Billboard 200 and stayed there for ten weeks.
On September 26 Elvis Presley Day is proclaimed in Tupelo hometown and midNovember has premiered his first film - Love Me Tender. The film is a huge
success, and Elvis got favorable reviews from critics. It was an extraordinary
year for America's wunderkind, sales from Elvis's name to a total of 22 million
dollars, let alone the momentum that his career took both musically and acting.

Memphis Recording Service (later known as Sun


Elvis first single

Elvis signed with RCA Records, Colonel

Parker negotiates the sale of all recordings

First appearances in a Stage Show telecast on CBS

His first film - Love Me Tender

working on his second film - Loving


In 1958, the US Army is recruited for military service.

In 1961 Elvis gave a benefit concert at

Bloch Arena in Hawaii that raised
$65,000 toward the building of the
Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Elvis as an actor
In 1961 filming Blue Hawaii, 1962 Follow That Dream, Kid Gallahad and Girls!
Girls! Girls !, 1963 It Happened at the World's Fair.
By 1969 plays in films like Fun In Acapulco
(1963) Viva Las Vegas
(1963) Kissin 'Cousins
(1964) Roustabout
(1964) Girl Happy
(1965) Tickle Me
(1965) Harum Scarum
(1965) Frankie And Johnny
( 1966) Paradise, Hawaiian Style
(1966) Spino (1966) Easy Come, Easy Go
(1967) Double Trouble
(1967) clambake
(1967) Stay away Joe
(1968) Speedway
(1968) Live a little, Love a little
(1968 ) Charro!
(1969) The Trouble with Girls
(1969)Change of Habit

During this period, Elvis continues to release singles and

albums reach the top ten on Billboard. On May 1, 1967
Elvis marries Priscilla Beaulieu,the wedding was held in a
private suite at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, and on
February 1, 1968 Lisa Marie Presley is born, their only

In March buys Graceland, both for him and for his family

At the beginning of 1969 returns to Memphis recorded two

extraordinary albums - From Elvis in Memphis and From Vegas
to Memphis - which will contain among other great hits In the
Ghetto, Suspicious Minds, Do not Cry Daddy and Kentucky Rain . In
March 1969, Presley returns on the set for what will be his last film Change Of Habit. In August in Las Vegas maintains a series of
performances that will set a new record in terms of audience concerts
that took place in the city of casinos. In late 1969 he released the
single Suspicious Minds becoming his first single reaching number
one on Billboard from Good Luck Charm in 1962. In February 1970
recorded a live album in Las Vegas named for On Stage. In November
the same year, the documentary appears That's The Way It Is having
a great success both in terms of revenue and critics. From now until
August 1977 Elvis's life is an endless series of concerts and tours,
appearances on television shows, record albums, both studio and
live, and single-uri.In June 1972 sets a record audience, managing to
sustain four consecutive gigs at the famous arena sold-out Madison
Square Garden.In January 1973 premiere, is transmitted by satellite,
Aloha from Hawaii show being watched live in 36 countries on all
continents are estimated audience of 1.5 billion viewers. The only
notable thing is divorce from Priscilla in October 1973 shortly after he

August 16, 1977-Elvis Aaron

Presley dead

besides charity concerts that gave them periodically

had the custom of maintaining those around him:
friends, family, even strangers, paying their bills and
debts, hospitalizations, buying their houses or they
earn their families. Many years he has given more
than a thousand dollars a year to each of the
guitarists who lived in Memphis and its charitable
work continues today through Elvis Presley Charitable