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Hospital Leave

It is admissible to such Gr. C & D employees whose

duties involve handling of dangerous machinery,
explosive materials, poisonous drugs and the like or
performance of hazardous tasks for illness or injury
directly due to risks incurred in the course of official

MC from an AMA is necessary for grant of this leave.

It may be combined with any other kind of leave due

and admissible provided the total period of leave does
not exceed 28 months. Leave salary for the first 120
days will be the last pay drawn for remaining period it
will be equal to leave salary during HPL.

It will not be debited to leave account.

If official is entitled any benefit under workmen's

Compensation Act then leave salary will be deducted

Special Disability Leave


Available to all employees :-


When disabled by injury intentionally or accidentally inflicted or

caused in, or in consequence of the due performance of official duties
or in consequence of official position.


When disabled by illness incurred in the performance of any

duty, which has the effect of increasing liability to illness or injury
beyond the ordinary risk attaching to the civil post held, under the
same conditions.

The disability under 1 (a) above, should have manifested within three
months of the occurrence to which it is attributed and the person
disabled had acted with due promptitude in bringing it to notice. The
leave sanctioning authority, if satisfied as to the cause of the
disability, may manifested more than three months after the
occurrence of its cause.
The disability under 1 (b) above, should be certified by an AMA to be
directly due to the performance of the particular duty. If it has
been contracted during service other than with a military force, the
leave sanctioning authority should be satisfied that the disability is

Special Disability Leave



The period of leave will be as certified by an AMA subject to a maximum

of 24 months.
It may be granted more than once if the disability is aggravated or recurs
in similar circumstance at a later date, but the maximum levee in
consequences of any one disability not exceed 24 months.
It may be combined with any other kind of leave.
It will count as service for pension.
It will not be debited to the leave account.
The leave salary for the first 120 days will be the pay last drawn and for
the remaining period, it will be equal to leave salary during HPL. In such
cases, beyond the first 120 days, the official may take HPL (at his credit)
for another 120 days along with the special disability leave
simultaneously and get leave salary equal to that on EL. The HPL so
taken will be debited to his leave account.
If the official is entitled to any benefit under the Employees Compensa-tion Act or the Employees State Insurance Act, the amount of leave
salary will be reduced by the amount of benefit payable under the
above Acts.
Appointing authorities are competent to sanction Special Disability

Study Leave

It can be granted to the officials who have

satisfactorily completed probationary period and
rendered not less than 5 yrs. of regular service
including probation period.

It is granted for undergoing a special course

consisting of higher studies or specialized training in
a professional or technical subject having a direct
and close connection with the sphere of his duties or
being capable of widening his mind in a manner
likely to improve his ability as a civil servant.

It can be granted by Ministry/Department of the

Central Govt.

The course should be certified to be a definite

advantage to Govt. from the point of view of public