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Change in the demo

Change powered by Upstream screen with the new one (image


Underline all category lines as per the UI specs

Change 24/7 title in each relevant story to: 10 min ago, 1 hour
ago, 5 hour ago, Yesterday, etc.
Chronological order of the stories must make sense


Do it has a wrong category picture.

The picture with Eto and the child by the pool will be used in sun
and fun story (see below).
The image with Eto alone by the pool is low resolution and will not be
used anywhere else

Exchange the order of the most recent Latest story (sun and fun)
with the 2nd most recent one (Mystery man). So, Mystery man should
be 1st and sun and fun should be 2nd under Latest category listing.
Change the title of the Mystery Man to a 2-liner title, including line
break for optimum visual effect
Change the image of the sun and fun story (that will be 2nd under
Latest category and also included in Do it!) to the high res one,
which is the one with Eto and the child by the pool.

Use 4 different background images for the #AMA stories in:

Stories list


Action point for

Lisa, please include them also in your email
response with the rest of the content to be
Agile to replace the image
Lisa to provide the timestamps for the 8 different
24/7 stories (check the UX exports I have sent
you from Rosie previous week)
Agile to replace the 24/7 title in (a) story listing
and (b) story itself with the provided timestamps
Lisa to provide the correct picture for Do it (Etoo
on green t-shirt)
Agile to replace it as Do it category image

Agile to make the order change between the 2 stories

Lisa to provide the 2 liner title and the break point
Agile to replace the title
Lisa to provide again the high resolution picture
(Etoo with the child by the pool) to be used as
image for the sun and fun story
Agile to change the image in Latest category,
sun and fun story and also in Do it! category,
sun and fun story.
Lisa to provide 3 extra pictures to be used as
images in the 3 out of 4 #AMA stories
Agile to replace the stories both on the list and
story levels

Story itself
Fix the more 24/7 link in the first social story included in Latest
category (work hard, play hard). It currently directs to a black screen.

Adjust alignments, spaces, etc. as per Steves comments to be

received by 24/3. I think this will mainly affect the
title/spaces/positioning of the most recent Latest story, used as cover
page (i.e. Mystery man).

Demo comments

splash screen

Should be half the size

(all of it, the powered
by and the logo)

first screen

Higher res pic. If we do not

have one for this story,
then we should use another
story as our latest. This is
the first screen users see
from in the app.

Why this huge white space.

We are supposed to have a
standard size for this. By
the way, not the issue here,
but the shape should
always be the same size
and text is to be resized if
too many characs (and we
are supposed to have a
max # of characs for those

first screen / scrolling

Different font size (not

impacted by the # of
characs here), and (as per
previous slide) different
background size

navigation error

That is the
first tap I