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Stratigraphic Units of Indian Petroliferous Basins

Relative amount of normal paraffins in Recent sediments

showing predominance of odd-carbon chains (after Hunt)

Gas chromatograms
showing progressive
degradation of crude oil in
several fields in Alberta,
The top graph is of unaltered
oil which contains all the
normal paraffins.
As the oil becomes more
degraded the normal
paraffins disappear, but
pristane and phytane
persist. Finally even they
(after Deroo, 1977, courtesy
Geological Survey of

Gas chromatograms of known immature condensates of other basins of the

world (after Con an et al.)

Distribution of n-alkanes
in Recent sediments of
various origin.
Gas chromatograms of
saturated hydrocarbons
(left) showing the peaks of
n-alkanes, with their
carbon numbers.
N-alkane distribution
curves derived from gas
chromatograms (right).
(After Dastillung, 1976,
Debyser et al.. 1977)

Ternary diagram showing composition of oils and condensates of Indian


Refinements in North Kadi Field Structural modifications

based on limited well data (After Directorate of Geology)

Generalised map of
Arabian Sea, showing
magnetic lineations
(solid lines), fracture
zones (dashed lines)
and main structural
(modified after Chaubey
et al., 1995)

Rock units and their reference sections in Bombay Offshore Basin

Lithological and thickness parameters of Tertiary subdivisions on the western

Indian Shelf (After Pandey and Guha)

Lithostratigraphic units of Bombay Offshore Basin

Source rock-sediment maturity map, Bombay offshore basin, on the basis

of TOC and LOM gradient (after Mishra et. al., 1982)

Well Bombay Offshore 1

Lithostratigraphic units in different blocks of Bombay Offshore Basin

Rock units and their reference section in Cambay Basin

Lithostratigraphic units of Cambay Basin

Outcrop and Stratotype localities of Cauvery Basin

Stratigraphic succession of Cauvery Basin

Outcrops and stratotypes of Krishna Godavari Basin

Lithostratigraphic succession of Krishna Godavari Basin

Geological set up and Formation stratotypes of North East Basins

Cretaceous and Tertiary stratigraphy of Assam Arakan Region

Generalised cross section across Eastern Himalaya, Upper Assam

valley, and Naga Hills

Stratigraphic relationship of lithologic successions in North-East Basins

Lithostratigraphic section along Upper Assam and Dhansiri Valley

Well locations and formation stratotypes of West Bengal Basin

Stratigraphic units of West Bengal Basin

Cretaceous-Paleocene Stratigraphic correlation in the subsurface of

West Bengal Basin

Schematic geological section through Bengal Basin