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Study of Enterprise Resource

Planning System

A project report entitled

Study of Enterprise Resource Planning System

( Hareesh K V )
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degree of
Sikkim-Manipal University, India

ERP which is stands for Enterprise Resource
Planning is business management software
usually a suite of integrated applicationsthat a
company can use to store and manage data from
every stage of business, including:
Product planning, cost and development
Marketing and sales
Inventory management
Shipping and payment

Enterprise Resource Planning is the latest high end solution, information
technology has lent to business application.
The ERP solutions seek to streamline and integrate operation processes and
information flows in the company to synergise the resources of an organisation
namely men, material, money and machine through information.
Initially implementation of an ERP package was possible only for very large
Multi National Companies and Infrastructure Companies due to high cost
Today many companies in India have gone in for implementation of ERP and it
is expected in the near future that 60% of the companies will be implementing
one or the other ERP packages since this will become a must for gaining
competitive advantage.

Objective of the study

To identify the rate of efficiency of ERP system in a project.
To find out the factors effecting the efficiency of the ERP
implementation project.
To find the limitations while implementing the ERP implementation

About Industry
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software integrates all of your major
business processes, which helps ensure consistent data across all your functional
departments. ERP, Inventory applications typically consist of modules such as Marketing
and Sales, Field Service, ProductionControl, Procurement, Distribution, Human
Resources, Finance, and Accounting.
ERP business process model fully integrates ERP and CRM capabilities to help you
effectively manage a wide range of functions across your enterprise. It offers an effective
blend of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, partner
relationship management, supply chain management, and online analysis processing.
This gives you the ability to make qualified business decisions based on a seamless,
360-degree view of your business, customers and vendors.

Scope of the
This is a attempt to design an ERP system which involves an
integrated automation of entire processes done in the
concerned company .In this present day when companies,
irrespective of their market size and market share, are
selling in various areas of the world. ERP is a best available
solution for them. ERP packages are targeted at everything
from small business to largest organizations, and that can
be composed of a highly flexible decentralized database and
an information system cluster linked by a network. An ERP
package can not only handle individual business functions
such as accounts, HR and material management, but also
the entire range of business functions necessary for the
companys operations.

On the basis of Statement
the analysis of the

The following are the major drawbacks of the existing system.

The system should be more user friendly
They does most of the operations by the existing system and so it

should be reduced
There is a need for a scrape management and a search engine in
the system.
It is necessary to produce reports and print outs, so there should
be a system for that.
No proper supplier and customer information, which is a must to
get business on right time
17% says that the didnt get sufficient training and 83% says that
they get sufficient training.
83% says that they feel good to work with the software
most of them says that they get their time saved by using the
existing system.
majority of the respondents says that they can access the system

Research is a systematic and logical study of an issue or a problem to arrive at
accurate results, research the
job of collecting, recording and analyzing relevant
data to arrive at decisions. The present study is systematic, objective and
exhaustive search for studies of the facts Relevant to a problem in the field of
system implementation
Review of Literature
My reference material comes from the existing system information that the
company has. There is no such general information regarding this aspect
because it relates to the internal affairs of the company.My present research
deals with finding the flaws and trying to come to a conclusion whether an
enhanced variant of the present system would be advantageous or not.
Population size
The study encompasses all the employees of the software enterprises.

2.1 Sampling method and sample size

Sampling plan:-An integral component of a research design is the sampling plan, specifically it
addresses three questions.
Whom to survey? (Sampling unit)
How many to survey? (Sample size)
How to select them? (Sampling procedure)
Since the number of employees in the concerned organization are thirty, we have taken all the
thirty as sample.
2.2 Data collection design
Data was collected with the help of using questionnaires. A questionnaire, which is also known
familiarly as an interview schedule with a format containing a list of questions sequentially
ordered to obtain information relevant to the objectives of the study, was developed. Structure
and undisguised questionnaire was chosen as the questions could be presented with exactly the
same order to all the respondents. The reason for standardization was to ensure that all
respondents were replying to the same question.

The questionnaire for research included a combination of the following kinds of question
Direct question
The questionnaire proved out to be very helpful in conducting the survey.
Primary data will be collected through questionnaire survey. In this method questionnaire was
prepared and given to the sample population to fill.

Field work
The fieldwork was the data collection by contacting the respondents personally at their

respective work desks. And few of the information gathered were through E-mailed
2.3 Method of Analysis
The data collected through questionnaire and the records available was examined in detail. It
was further tabulated with various statistical tests.

RP and the articles and news items in the media, have made ERP the latest buzz word. Hundreds of professionals want to join the ERP band wagon

Most companies treat ERPs as projects, with the assumption that some day the
projects will end. But an enterprise system is not a project; its a way of life. No
organization can say we were finished and few ever will. There will always be new
modules and versions to install, acquire or divested business units to deal with and
better fits to be achieved between the business and the system. Even if an
organization could declare final victory on implementation of ERPs, many additional
years could be spend in getting real business value from them. However, an
organization can only get the maximum value of these inputs, if it successfully adopts
and effectively uses their system.
Most of them says that they get their time saved by using the existing system.
Majority of the respondents says that they can access the system simultaneously.
The hype and the mystical aura that surrounds ERP and the articles and news items
in the media, have made ERP the latest buzz word. Hundreds of professionals want
to join the ERP band wagon. Clearly ERP is a hotter-than-hot field right now.

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