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Training Program

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What is Training Program? Why Run a Training Program? When should Run a Training Program? Who should be In Charge of Training Program? How to Develop and Run a Training Program? Summary

What is Training Program

• Training is directly related to the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to do a particular job.

• It can include teaching staff members new skills, exposing them to unfamiliar ideas, giving them the chance to practice and get feedback on particular techniques or styles.

• Simply encouraging them to discuss their work with one another

What is Training Program?

Training program might include following;

Training of new staff who never done work before

Training of new staff who did this work but not in a method that your organization use

Staff development

Professional Development

Why Run a Training Program?

Shows organization is serious about what it does It encourages employees Employees feel organization is supportive to them Boosts confidence It makes more competent to emplees It increases their knowledge

When should Run a Training Program?

o For a new staff it should be conducted as soon as possible they are hired

o Staff development should be scheduled regularly

o Professional development requires mony so it may not possible for every organization but organization try to provide at least one opportunity in a year

Who should be In Charge of Training ?

It refers tow aspects of training

Who actually controls the program? Who conducts training itself?

Who Should In Charge of Traing?

Who controls a training program?

The director, program director, another administrator, or training coordinator, with or without input from other staff members

A particular staff member or group of staff members

All staff collectively (including administrators and support staff).

Who Should In Charge of Training?

• Staff and other interested parties, such as participants, who may have knowledge of the training needs of the organization.

• An outside facilitator or organization

• A combination of some or all of these.

Who Should In Charge of Training?

Who conducts a training?

• program or training director

• other staff members

• outside presenters (including participants and other community members) or organizations

• or some combination

How to Develop and Run a Training?

There are four major considerations in developing and running a training program





How to Develop and Run a Training?

1- Planning

Involve staff members in the planning and implementation of training programs

Respond to staff members' needs

Schedule training around staff member's needs

Decide what areas your staff should cover

Decide how much training your staff need

How to develop and Run a Training?

2- Methods

o If the training is meant to teach a method or technique, it should be conducted using the method or technique in question

o Training methods should be consistent with the mission and philosophy of the organization

o Group activities small group problem-solving, collaborative projects

How to Develop and Run a Training?

o Vary presentation methods to keep people interested and excited

o Be aware of different learning styles

o Use humor, games, and other fun activities

o Try to design activities with as much opportunity for feedback as possible

How to Develop and Run a Training?

3- Logistics

Location: to hold training or staff development sessions at your workplace, or would it be better to go elsewhere. Other possibilities include people's houses; (free) institutional space (a library or college, for instance) space loaned by another organization; outdoors; or rented conference space,

How to Develop and Run a Training

Setup: How are you going to set up the space? How formal or informal do you want it to be? Do you want comfortable furniture? Chairs in rows, or in a circle?

Material:Training materials will, of course, be dependent on the nature of your training and the methods you choose.These have to be available at the right times, and that's probably the responsibility of the coordinator

How to Develop and Run a Training?


Training program should be dynamic, constantly changing to improve its effectiveness and meet the evolving needs of the organization. There are some obvious ways to determine the effectiveness of your training program

How to Develop and Run a Training?

• Feedback from staff members both on individual sessions and on the training program as a whole

• Feedback from participants, target populations, community members

• Observation and supervision of staff members in job situations


Training program should continue throughout the life of the organization. and include initial training for new staff, staff development, and professional development.

Creating such a program involves planning that includes the people to be trained. The development of a training program also requires planning, thinking about methods, logistics, and evaluation.