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Hepatitis B

The Untold Story of a Silent Killer

About Hepatitis

word hepatitis means inflammation

of the liver
Hepatitis B (HBV) is a virus that infects
liver and causes liver cirrhosis and liver

Silent Killer

people with HBV do not have any

symptoms until it is too late

in 4 adults with chronic HBV will die

from liver cancer or liver cirrhosis (WHO)


is transmitted by contact with blood

or body fluid from an infected person
There are 10x more people with chronic
HBV than HIV/AIDS worldwide (WHO)
HBV is 50-100x more infectious than HIV
HBV can survive outside the body for at
least 7 days (WHO)

Health Disparity

disproportionally affects Asian and

Pacific Islanders (API)
1 in 10 Asian American has HBV.
Liver cancer is the 2nd most common
cause of cancer death in Asian men

Perinatal Transmission

infections occur from mother to

Over 90% of babies infected during
the first year of life develop chronic
infection (CDC)
20,000 hepatitis B infected women
give birth each year in U.S. (CDC)

HBV Vaccination

born to infected mothers

should be vaccinated (1st dose vaccine +
HBIG) within 12 hours of birth
3 vaccine doses: month 0, 1, 6


B has been vaccinepreventable since 1982

Yet, 1 person still die every 30-45
seconds of HBV-caused liver cancer and
liver failure
It is a silent epidemic!

Adrian Elkins

as an infant from India

Received HBV vaccination upon
arrival to U.S
Diagnosed with HBV only when
he was dying from liver cancer
at 20-years-old

Mark Lim, MD

with HBV at 26-year-old, but

was told by a doctor to not worry since
he was a "healthy" asymptomatic carrier
Diagnosed with advanced liver cancer at
Died before 32nd birthday

HBV Worldwide

2 billion people worldwide (1/3 world

population) have been infected with HBV
350 million people worldwide have chronic
(lifelong) HBV (CDC)
1 million people die each year from liver
disease and liver cancer (CDC)
Every 3045 seconds, one person dies from
the vaccine-preventable HBV

HBV in the U.S.


million Americans have chronic HBV

More than half are APIs
5,000 Americans die each year from
hepatitis B-related liver disease (CDC)
$700 million in medical and work loss
costs (CDC)

What Can You Do?


educated about HBV


tested for HBV


protected with HBV vaccine

Break the Silence


Know HBV brochure

Talk to your family, friends, colleagues,
patients, and general public about HBV
Write to House of Representatives to
support Viral Hepatitis and Liver
Cancer Control and Prevention Act of
2009 (HR 3974)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Hepatitis
World Health Organization
Asian Liver Center at Stanford University
Team HBV Collegiate Chapters
USF Asian Pacific Medical Student Association

For General Public

Hepatitis B Foundation
American Liver Foundation
Tampa Bay Hepatitis & Liver Disease Support Group
Hillsborough County Epidemiology Program Perinatal
Hepatitis B Prevention Program (PHBPP)

For Health Professionals

Physicians Guide to Hepatitis B
CDC Interpretation of Hepatitis B Serologic Test Results
CDC Recommended Doses of Hepatitis B Vaccines by Age Group and
Vaccine Type
CDC Recommendation for Routine Testing and Follow-up for Chronic
Hepatitis B Virus Infection
Continuing Medical Education Courses on Hepatitis B
The Florida Hepatitis Prevention Program Presents: Hepatitis 101