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Powerpoint Jeopardy

Terms People Renaissance T or F Miscellaneous

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This verb also means to “cancel” (ie
to cancel a marriage)

What is to annul?
This force keeps the planets in orbit
around the sun

What is gravity?
This is a person who provides financial

What is a patron?
This is a government run by church

What is a theocracy?
This artistic technique creates a three-
dimensional appearance.

What is perspective?
This religious reformer believed in

Who is John Calvin?

This Italian painter and inventor’s famous
works include the “Mona Lisa”

Who is Leonardo Da Vinci?

This king established the Church of England

Who is King Henry VIII?

This man was a wealthy merchant and
patron of the arts.

Who is Lorenzo de’Medici?

This author wrote The Prince

Who is Niccolo Machiavelli?

The artists of the Renaissance focused not on
Religious concerns, but rather on _________

Why is Albrecht Durer often compared to
Leonardo da Vinci?

He had wide-ranging interests

The Renaissance began in this country
between 1590 and 1608.

What is Italy?
This Renaissance writer wrote
numerous plays that are still very
popular today.

Who is William Shakespeare?

This Spanish author wrote Don Quijote

Who is Miguel de Cervantes?

T or F. After Henry VIII became head of
the Church of England, the first thing he
did was abolish the sacraments and mass.

False – He kept many

Catholic traditions
In order to pay for projects, the Church
asked Henry VIII for money

False; they increased

fees for services and
sold indulgences
Laughing in church and swearing were
acceptable in the Calvinist Church

John Calvin and Martin Luther believed the
only way to achieve salvation was to do good

False – They believed faith

alone brought salvation
King Henry VIII had 8 wives

False – he had 6
Between 1347 and 1349, 25 to 30% of the
population of Europe died as a result of this.

What is the Black Death?

This Italian astronomer proved
Copernicus’ theory.

Who is Galileo?
King Henry VIII asked the pope for an
annulment so that he could do this.

Produce a male heir

The invention of this played a major role in
spreading Protestant ideas and enabled more
people to learn to read.

What is the printing press?

The sale of these was one reason for the
corruption of the Church during the

What are indulgences?