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e Sideband Suppressed C


Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier

oGeneration of SSB
oModulation index
oDegree of modulation
oSpectrum bandwidth
oPower voltage and Current

s Single Sideband Suppressed C

SSBSC is the form of single
sideband modulation that is
most widely used for
applications on the HF
portion of the radio

s Single Sideband Suppressed C

The SSBSC requires half as much
bandwidth as the conventional
double sideband AM and less
transmitted power
Having no carrier, this needs to be
re-inserted within the receiver. Any
slight differences in carrier reinsertion frequency give rise to

J3F (Meaning)
J- Single-sideband,
suppressed carrier,
3- a single channel
containing analogue

Generation of ssb
Phase discrimination
method or phase shift

- This method includes two

balanced modulators and two
phase shifting networks and


Phase Shift

It uses two balanced

modulators instead of one.
The balanced modulators
effectively eliminate the
carrier. The carrier oscillator
is applied directly to the
upper balanced modulator
along with the audio
modulating signal. Then both
the carrier and modulating
signal are shifted in phase

Generation of ssb
2. filter method
- This can be achieved using
one of two methods.The first
uses two filters that have
different passband center
frequencies for USB and LSB
respectively.The second uses



A crystal controlled master

oscillator produces a stable
carrier frequency fc. This
carrier frequency is then fed
to the balanced modulator
through a buffer amplifier
which isolates these two
stages. The audio signal
from the modulating
amplifier modulates the
carrier in the balanced
modulator. A bandpass filter
allows only a single sideband

cy Spectrum and relative power dist

Sideband power is makes up to 100% of the total

transmitted power

Vp= Vusf

SSBSC waveform for a single frequency

modulating signal

wer Spectrum of SSBC

wer Spectrum of SSBC

o The sideband power
calculates 100% of the total
o Requires less total power
than the conventional AM.
o At 100% modulation, 83.3%
of power is saved by

Spectrum Bandwidth

Calculation for the bandwidth is as


Where: B Bandwidth
- Message bandwidth
- Carrier frequency


Where: Pc Carrier Power

Where: Pusb Upper sideband Power
Where: Plsb lower sideband Power, m
Modulation Index in decimal, Pc Carrier


Where: Pt Total Power, Pc Carrier

Power, m Modulation Index in decimal,
Plsb Lower sideband Power

ample Problem 1:
For a 500W carrier
modulated to a depth
of 80%, find the total
power and the % PS


ample Problem 2:
An SSBSC signal has
suppressed carrier frequency of
2MHz. It is modulated with two
audio tones having frequencies
of 1500 and 2200Hz The
receiver is mistuned so that the
BFO is at 1.9995 MHz. What will


Fc-FLF= 5MHz
Fo-F1= 150AFC= 1MHz
F -F = 220-