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BREXIT (British Exit)

MUET Assignment 2016

What is Brexit?
Brexit is an abbreviation of "British


refers to the possibility that Britain will

withdraw from the European Union.

The country will hold an in-out referendum on

its EU membership on June 23.

Impact & Effects

Leaving the EU would result in an immediate cost
saving, as the country would no longer contribute to
the EU budget.
Britain also benefits from trade deals between the EU
and other world powers, which is something that
benefits Britain.
Free from EU rules a regulations, Britain could reinvent
itself as a Singapore-style supercharged economy.

Impact & Effects

The numbers of immigrants can be cut down
significantly, hence gaining control to the borders.
A drop in immigration would, all else being equal,
mean more jobs for the people who remained and the
Leaving the EU will allow Britain to re-establish itself
as a truly independent nation with connections to the
rest of the world

Impact & Effects

According to Open Europe's comprehensive Brexit report, UK
GDP could be 2.2% lower in 2030 if Britain leaves the EU
and fails to strike a deal with the EU or reverts into
Britain risks losing some of that negotiating power by
leaving the EU.
Inward investment is likely to slow in the run-up to the vote,
due to the uncertainty of the outcome and its consequences

Impact & Effects

pro-Europeans think the UK's status as one of the
world's biggest financial centres will be diminished if it
is no longer seen as a gateway to the EU for the likes
of US banks
Pro-EU campaigners have suggested that three million
jobs could be lost if Britain goes it alone.

Effect to the world

The risk of the UK leaving the EU increases financial market
volatility in the short term, but remains much less severe than
the case of Greece.
The case of Brexit will hurt both the UK and the Eurozone
economies especially through the uncertainty over trade and
labor movement agreements.
Impact on the Thai baht and export remains limited.
The UK referendum adds uncertainty to the global economy on
top of existing fragility.

Effect to Malaysia
The UK's decision to remain or withdraw from the European
Union (EU) will not have a direct impact on Malaysia, said
Malaysian High Commissioner Datuk Ahmad Rasidi Hazizi.
This is because of the strong foundation in the relationship
between the two countries.

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