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Factors to be considered in the design

of health care centres:
1.LOCATION: Should be convenient to people
2.CIRCULATION: Entrance and circulation within building
must consider wheelchair users, parents with small
children, people with disabilities etc.
3. Effective zoning: public zone, clinical zone and staff
4. Privacy and confidentiality are important, especially at
the reception desk and clinical rooms during consultation
and treatments.
5. Low maintenance approaches should be adopted
6.Flexibilty in the usage of spaces and potential for future
extension of building.
7.Hygene and safety

Car parking space

Main entrance
Reception area
Record storage
Administration and office bases
Waiting areas
Consulting rooms/examination rooms
Treatment rooms
Minor surgery spaces
Dental suites
Multipurpose rooms
Interview rooms
WCs for patients and staff
Staff amenities
Out patient consulting
Diagnostic facilities
Educational facilities
Storage for each of services
Grouping of spaces