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Oracle iSupplier Portal

Introduction to iSupplier Portal


Key features
Advantages/Information to supplier
Key Processes
PO: Acknowledgement
PO:Request for Changes by Supplier
PO: Advance Shipment Notice
PO: Invoice Info

Sourcing Portal

Enables secure, self-service business
transactions between company and their
Suppliers receives immediate notifications
and responds to events in purchasing.
Enables Suppliers to search, monitor,
revise and review.
Information transparency across the
procure-to-pay cycle.

Key Features:

iSupplier Portal provides a platform for
effective communication between Suppliers
and Buyers
The Portal improves communication and
change management with the suppliers
The portal reduces procurement time and
procurement costs
With the help of the portal, Suppliers can
search, view, and respond to business
transactions on real time basis.

Information to Supplier:
What information iSupplier provides
to Suppliers:
Purchase Orders
Invoice and Payment status
Payment Information
Notifications from/to buyers
View and Respond to Requests For
Quotations (RFQs)

Sourcing Portal:
Post Requests for Quotations (RFQs)
View Requests for Quotations
Acknowledge and Award Quotes from

Key Processes:
iSupplier Portal:
PO: Acknowledgement
PO:Request for Changes by Supplier
PO: Advance Shipment Notice
PO: Invoice Info
Sourcing Portal:
Creation and awarding of RFQs

PO: Acknowledgement:
Buyer creates PO against Supplier with
Acknowledgement Option.
Supplier receives a notification on the PO.
Supplier can accept or reject the PO or PO
Buyer gets a notification on the supplier action.
The supplier acceptance is recorded on the PO.
The process improves communication between
buying company and supplier and records
suppliers commitment which helps for better

PO: Request for Changes

Buyer creates a PO against Supplier.
Supplier receives a notification on the PO.
Supplier can request for changes:
to the unit price on the lines.
to change promise date, or quantity on the shipping schedules.
to split the shipping schedule.

Buyer receives a notification on the suppliers request for change.

Buyer can accept or reject the requests.
Buyers action is communicated to the supplier by notification.
The communication between the buyer and supplier is a closed
loop communication. Changes requested by supplier can be seen
on real time and it helps buying company to plan for any delays
in supplies
Suppliers can also acknowledge or request to cancel a PO.

PO: Advanced Shipment


Advance Shipments notice is

provided by supplier to buyers
Buyers receive notification and
details on the advance shipment
This helps buying company know
about the incoming supplies
The ASN is basically to provide
advance notice to the buyer about a

PO: Receipts and Invoices

Suppliers can view receipts for their shipments.
Suppliers can also view any rejections to their
shipments and take corrective action.
Suppliers can view over due shipments
Suppliers can create invoices against the
Suppliers can view invoices and payments.
Suppliers get real time information about their
receipts, invoices and payments.

Sourcing Portal:
Buyers can request for quotations
using the Sourcing Portal.
Suppliers receive notification once
they are invited.
Suppliers submit the quote with
requested information and pricing
Buyers can later analyze the
received quotes and award the
suitable ones.