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Ibong Adarnais an epic
about a legendary bird
which is said to be found in
Mt. Tabor, where it perches
on the shimmering Piedras
Platas at night (Piedras
Platas is Spanish for silver
stones). During the
daytime, the bird goes off
somewhere but it comes
back at night to roost, and

Ibong Adarna

The Ibong Adarnais a

narrative poem with the full
title, Corrido at Buhay na
Pinagdaanan nang Tatlong
Principeng Magkakapatid na
Anak nang Haring Fernando
at nang Reina Valeriana sa
Kahariang Berbania(Corrido
and the Life of Three Princes,
sons of King Fernando and
Queen Valeria from the
kingdom of Berbania).

Ibong Adarna (cont)

The poem has no exact

date of origin and its
author remains unknown.
However, it is believed
Sisiw, pseudonym of Jose
de la Cruz.
composed by Francisco

Ibong Adarna (cont)

It contains 1,722 stanzas (8
syllables per line, 4 lines per
it is a corrido or metrical
romance that involves the
struggles of a heroic character.
It tells of the adventures and
magical powers, the romance
and love, the courage and
piety, and the treachery and
betrayal of highborn

Ibong Adarna(cont)
At present, Ibong Adarnais
an important Filipino literary
classic that is being studied
in secondary school (in the
first year) in the Philippines,
in accordance with the
curriculum set by the
Commission on Higher

Major Characters
Ibong Adarna (Adarna bird)
An enchantress bird. It has a very long
fancy tail with numerous shiny metallic
It knows a total of seven songs that are
believed to lull anyone to sleep as well as
cure any type of afflictions and it
changes its feathers into more colorful
hues and shades after each song.
After the last song, it excretes waste,
then finally, sleeps with its eyes wide
open. When Adarna bird is sad, it looks
very ugly and hopeless. It is believed
that its droppings can turn any living
things into stone.

Major Characters (cont.)

King Fernando
Great ruler of Berbania
Queen Valeriana
Faithful wife of King
Fernando and a loving
mother to her three sons :
Don Pedro, Don Diego and
Don Juan.

Major Characters (cont.)

Don Pedro
Eldest son of the King and Queen.
He is a deceitful man, very envious
and greedy of power.
Don Diego
The second son, he does not have
his own decision. He follows
whatever his older brother, Don
Pedro tells him to do.
Don Juan
The youngest of the siblings. He is a
man of integrity and compassion.
These good qualities makes him the
King's favorite child.

Minor Characters
Old leper
The old man who advices Don
Juan to seek for the hermits
cottage and ask for an advise
on how to get the Adarna bird
without any harm.
The old man who advices Don
Juan on how to successfully get
the Adarna bird.

Minor Characters (cont)

Princess Juana
The princess whom Don
Juan rescues from a giant
who holds her in custody.
Princess Leonora
Younger sibling of Princess
Juana. Don Juan also
rescues her from the
serpent with seven heads.

Minor Characters (cont)

King Salermo
Ruler of the kingdom of De los
Crystal with black magical
powers. He is the father of Doa
Maria Blanca.
Princess Maria Blanca
The princess of De los Crystal
kingdom. She has white magical
powers, which is greater than her
father, King Salermo.

The END...