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History of Ubisoft

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1986, Birth of Ubisoft

Five brother from Brittany,France they made their own
distribution and publishing company for fun educational

Ubisoft First Game

Ubisoft first game is called zombi. It was published in the year
1986. Its an arcade adventure game and it was made base
from a film. The game was re-released in 1990. In the game
players can become into zombie it they have leased health left.

1989-1994, Going global

Ubisoft opens distribution offices in the United Kingdom, Germany,
Switzerland, Japan and the United States, as well as development
studios in Paris (France), Montpellier (France) and Bucharest (Romania).

1995, The birth of a legend

Rayman is the product of the wild imagination of Michel Ancel, he want
to create really amazing animations so he come up with What if our
character had no arms and legs?.

1996, Ubisoft expands its global network

Its opens distribution office in Italy, Spain, Australia and development
studios in Shanghai and Annecy

1996, Ubisoft goes public

Ubisoft is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and met with
overwhelming success:the demand for shares is 256 times the supply!
The day Ubisoft was listed on the Paris stock exchange was a real
milestone for the company.We were able to generate the necessary
capital to pursue our strategy and to ultimately become one of major
players in the video game industry.

1997-2002, Expanding the global network

Ubisoft opens development studios in Montreal( Canada), Casablanca
(Morocco), Barcelona (Spain) and Milan (Italy). The company also open
distribution offices in Belgium, China and Denmark, and makes two
strategic acquisitions: Blue Byte Software(Germany) with its franchise
The Settlers, and the game division of The Learning Company (U.S.A)
with brand including Prince of Persia And Myst.

2000, A strategic acquisition

The company acquires Red Storm Entertainment famous its tactical
shooters inspired by the Tom Clancy.

2002, Launch of

Launch the international online gaming portal and ranks.

2002-2005, Ubisoft expands its global


-Ubisoft opens distribution offices in South Korea and Austria, as well as

a studio in Quebec city (Canada)
-100 million game sold

2006 - 2010, The network keeps on


Ubisoft opens distribution offices in Mexico and Poland, as well as

development studios in Sofia (Bulgaria), Kiev (Ukraine), Chegdu (China),
Pune (India), Singapore and Toronto (Canada)

-Assassins Creed Hits the market
-Ubisoft kicks its online strategy into high gear
-Ubisoft launches its online services platform where gamers can benefit
from content, awards and exclusive services.

Early positioning on new technologies
Ubisoft goes Mobile and Social
Ubisoft make New Generation game