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Entrepreneur Development


Major Topics

1. Road blocks for Entrepreneurship

2. Necessity for Entrepreneurship
3.Product Identification
4.Business Fundamentals
5.Statutory Requirements
6.Success Stories

1. Road blocks for Entrepreneurship

1.Taboo in the society
People look down entrepreneurs and
respects employed people
. 2. Relatives/friends discouraging due to their
. 3. Family commitment.
. 4. Lack of confident,etc.

2. Necessity for Entrepreneurship

Lack of job Opportunities

Inadequate Salary level
Job insecurity

3.Product Identification

Knowledge of customer needs

Watching Industry for supply gaps - Franchisee.
Scope for substitute product.
Professional magazines
Success stories of entrepreneures
Trade fair visit
Meeting govt. agencies
Ideas from friends, Relatives

Business Fundamentals


Bank Finance At a glance .

Term loan:- Loan available for purchase /construction of
factory building and machinery required incliding vehicles.
Repayable over 5/6years in monthly/quarterly installments with
required holiday period.
Cash Credit:- To purchase raw materials and for administrative
expenses. This will be like a current a/c in debit balance.
Debtor finance:- When we sell on credit banks give the money
immediately & our buyer will pay bank directly.
Normally banks insists for security for any loan.
Agricultural property will be accepted as security only for
agriculture related loans.

Types of Ownership
Sole Proprietorship
Partnership -Min 2 - Max. 20
Private limited company - Min 2
Max 50
Public limited company - Min 7 Max
No limit

Business plan

1. Executive summary
This is the most important part of your document. It provides a high-level
overview of the purpose of the business plan, the main highlights and the financial
resources required.
2. Background
This is the section that provides summarized entity-specific information,
describing the business organization, location and premises, principal products
and customers, key data, constitution, history, and business strategy and vision.
3.Products and services
Product description and history, product attributes, research and development,
costing and pricing, production process, quality assurance and control, sourcing
and intellectual property.
4. Markets and clients
Market characteristics, clients, competition, positioning, marketing strategy and
projected sales.

Business plan contd ..

5. Business operations and organization

Location and premises, marketing and selling methodology, manufacturing,
distribution, order processing/inventory control, company structure
project management and management information systems/reporting.
6. Human resources
Management (shareholders, board of directors, executives, external
support services) and personnel.
7. Legal framework, and environmental and social factors
Approvals / licensing requirements, environmental risks, social compliance
development and social benefits.
8. Financial planning
Financial history (financial statements), projected income statements, cash
flow, balance sheet and important ratios, funding requirements and other
supporting information.

Project Commencement

TIN/CST Sales tax dept issues.

PAN Income Tax Dept.
TAN Income Tax dept
PF/ESI registration
Factory Licence Inspectore of factories
UAM Dept of Industries & Commerce
Fire safety certificate TN Fire station
Generator Installation Certificate.
Building, Machinery,Stock Insurance -Fire,Burglary
Transit Insurance
Patent Registration


Born and brought up in a slum in Madipakkam in Chennai

Sarath Babu who hit the headlines in the recent times with his rags-to-riches story
Behind the success of this Indian slumdog millionaire is the sad struggle of his mother.
his mother Deepa Ramani,an anganwadi worker. She also did various other jobs
like making Idli which Sarathbabu used to sell before going to school everyday
Graduated in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani
He worked in Polaris Software for three years
Pursued his MBA from IIM-A.
It was post his MBA, that he started his maiden venture
His company was inaugurated by Mr. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys.

In 2006, he started his venture "Food King Catering

services Private Limited" with a capital of Rs 2000
His Product is IDLI & Dosa
To cater to banks, software companies and educational
It is now located in 6 locations around India with a turnover
of 10 crore.