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Poster Deconstruction: Genre

By Hugo Otite

Genre Action
Colour A wide arrange of colous at
different levels of the poster. At the
top there is a mixture of darker
colours such as grey, white and
black, and in the mid section to the
bottom more of a blue, white and
black combination was used.
Tagline Four nations, one destiny
This tagline is very good as it will
entice the viewer and leave them
wondering which of the four nations
conquers all in the film and will make
them want to see the film.
Typography Good use of blue and
white in the title to attract the
Golden rule A very good use of the
golden rule as the iconic image of
the airbender was used in the
hotspot where the viewer can see
the bright blue arrow on the
characters head.

Genre Action
Colour A colour scheme of dark
colours, mostly black with the
typography in white.
Typography The font used is clear
and bold in white writing to easily
catch the readers attention. The font
does not need to be big due to the
iconic image of batman already being
easily determinable for the viewer to
know that it is a poster for The dark
knight rises.
Tagline The legend ends this
tagline almost teases the viewer as
they will become more infactuated as
to what is going to happen in the film.
Golden rule The golden rule is used
very effectively in the poster as the
three main characters are in the
hotspot of the poster in order to
attract the viewer as soon as they
look at the poster.

Typography- The font is in black and

white. The font is Compact which is
simple and effective as it is bold.
Tagline - There is no need for a tagline
as the title Straight outta Compton
is its own tagline. Which shows the
audience the film is about N.W.A
becoming famous and getting
Straight outta Compton which
symbolises getting rich and leaving
the ghetto.
Colours The colour scheme is black
and white which could be to symbolise
the social conflict between black
males and white police officers which
is a big underlying issue in the film.
Genre Urban drama.
Image Image shows the 5 members
of N.W.A walking down a street in the
city Compton, and is all in black and

Genre Superhero/action film,

Typography The iconic
trademarked Spider-man logo/font
in white that has been used ever
since the start of the franchise.
Colour Blue and red is the main
colour scheme which are the two
colours of the spider-man costume.
Tagline No need for a tagline as
the image and title is already
enough for the audience to be
attracted by due to the hype around
the franchise already.
Image Spider-man in his iconic red
and blue costume with a view of the
city in the background while his
masks eyes are reflecting the image
of the city. Also spider webs are
marked around the poster to add to
the effect.

Typography The title INSIDIOUS is in a

relatively big font and is in a bright red
which symbolise blood which suggests to
the viewer that the film is going to be
gory and bloody, the red typography
shows that the producers are sticking to
the classic conventions of a horror title.
There is a use of serif font which makes
the letter I look as if it is religious
which further follows the convention of
possession horrors.
Tagline It is not the haunted house
that is haunted the tagline is effective
as it is in a small white font so as not to
clash with the background and so that
after the title and the image catches the
attention of the viewer they will be
further captivated as they will ponder
upon what this phrase means.
Genre Fantasy, Mystery, Horror, Thriller
Colour Follows the general conventions
of horror movie posters as there is use of
red in the title and the main colours are
dark, such as black and grey.