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ON Semiconductors TPED ID

Use the time during OT more
Avoid confusions/conflict to the
Engineer and to the Probe Area
Lessen the time consumed before
doing the actual work load.


ON Semiconductors TPED uses RFID system on their doors for
security purposes. Test Engineers sometimes do their tasks on lab
instead of doing it in the line or in the probe area. When they need
to bring some equipment outside the lab and probe area, workers
need to swap their IDs for what item they needed. On the End Of
Line production, they only need to give their ID number, but in the
Probe Area, due to strict rules, the ID itself is needed. Test
Engineers of TPED have their IDs linked with RFID for the lab door
and to the TPED office. The problem is, there comes a time that
Test Engineers need to take overtime for their workloads. When
they are assigned to get materials on Probe Area and do the work
on the lab, they cant go inside because their access on the door
was on the ID left on the Probe area. Since they took overtime,
there were no people left on the lab to open the door. They need
to wait for another Engineer with RFID to open the door.

Floor Plan


In order to prevent these circumstances,
Test engineers of TPED must have a
separate ID for Probe Area. These Probe IDs
will be used to get materials on the Probe
Area and their old IDs will be the access on
the laboratory. By using this method, there
will be no need to wait for other Engineers
to open the door if you left your ID on the
Probe Area. It will save your precious time
and use it to accomplish your workloads.

This project is about a better ID system for Test
Engineers. They will have an additional ID on the
Probe Area for them to use it in borrowing equipments
and materials needed for their workloads. Their old
IDs will be used for their access on the laboratory.


Instead of wasting time waiting for
an access on the lab when your RFID
was left on the Probe Area, this will
save time and use it to accomplish
workloads. Time will be used to do
the work and finish it according on
the schedule. Delays will be reduced.