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20 Of The Most Luxurious

Resorts In The Philippines

Visiting and staying in resorts would be a great

start! Here are 20 Luxury Resorts in the Philippines

that you can check!

Aman Resort Amanpulo

Is the most luxurious resort in the Philippines with

sky-rocketing rates that can go over $1,000 per

person. For elites who want only the best
destination especially for their honeymoon then
theres no better place than Aman Resorts. Its
exclusive and private first-class resort that only the
most famous and wealthy can indulge. You can
reach this resort through private flights. Rates
range from $850 to $4,725.

Antulang Beach Resort

Is the luxurious resort that Dumaguete can really

be proud of. Each villa has its own private pool and
also with heated Jacuzzi thats just perfect for
honeymooners or for a family luxury vacation.
Each room gives you a breathtaking view of the sea.
The white sand beach of Antulang and the 17 dive
sites here are just two of the many reasons why
tourists love to stay here. Price ranges from $55 to

Apulit Island Resort

Is a luxurious resort in El Nido, Palawan. It used to

be named as Club Noah Isabelle Resort. It has 50

water cottages with Filipino style of architecture
and each cottage gives you an amazing view of the
azure beach of El Nido. Prices range from P18,000+
to over P22,000+.

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa

In Maayong Tubig Dauin, Negros Oriental theres

a fine luxury resort that is situated in a coconut

plantation and is a great venue for those who want
to go scuba diving or snorkeling. Its at the tip of
Negros Oriental and this beach front location gives
you breath-taking view of the Philippine Sea. You
will surely love their spa and their suites. Rate
starts from P6,000+ a night.

Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa

Is located in Marinduque, southeast part of Luzon.

Its architecture is Santorini-inspired and from the

sky youd see the mixture of the white buildings of
the resort mixed in with the lush green of the island
and surrounded by dark blue waters. Its a true
paradise with price ranging from $680 to $2,200
per room or villa/night.

Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa

A 5 star luxurious resort with a beautiful view of

the crystal clear waters of Boracay. It has its own

private swimming pool for each of the 41 suites in
the resort plus one giant swimming pool. Another
pool has its own man-made waterfalls. Average
price ranges from P5,700+ to P8,500+ a night.

Buenavista Island Resort

Davaos exclusive luxury resort is sited in Samal

Island, Davao del Norte. This gives you ultimate

privacy as renting here means you get the whole
island to yourself. It gives you a sense of what its
like to own your island and for the time, the island
is yours to enjoy. Rates range from P64,000 for day
tour to P137,000 for 10 persons max and addition of
P6,000+ per excess pax.

Buri Resort and Spa

Is one of the finest and most luxurious resorts in

Puerto Galera. Breathtaking view of the sunset and

the fine Puerto Galera beach and luxurious
accommodation makes this one of the most sought
after luxury resorts in the country. They also boast
of their private garden and their lounging poolside
for their guests. Rates range from P6,710 to P12,991
depending on the type of villa and the season.

Discovery Shores Resort and Spa

Is another luxury resort in Boracay. They have 88

luxury guest rooms with modern design. It has

man-made waterfalls that make relaxing sound for
their guests to enjoy and a large swimming pool
with Jacuzzi. Rates range from $366 to over $800 a

Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa

Located in Honda Bay, Palawan. Youll love the

spiraling giant swimming pool and the wonderful

Palawan beach just across the pool. Its green and
blue together as its perched between the coast and
the greeneries. Rates for the Beach Villa is at
P22,000 for single occupancy and P11,000 for twin
and P10,000 for triple or quad per person while
children aged 6 to 11 have rates of P3,000 each.

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa

Is located in Panglao Island Bohol. Its in the midst

of the tropical garden of the island and here you can

find a superior spa with private villas that lets you
enjoy the beauty of Panglao and all the water
activities while also enjoying the seclusion of having
your own private villa. Rates range from $1000+ to
$21,000+ for their long-stay packages starting
from a 3 day and 2 nights stay to 12 days and 11
nights stay.

Lagen Island Resort

Another luxury resort in El Nido, Palawan. Its a

resort situated in lushious forest and its perfect for

couples who want to go in their tropical
honeymoon. They have Forest rooms that are priced
at P19,576 a night, Water or Beachfront cottages at
P23,655 a night and the Forest Suite at P26,102 a

Mandala Spa & Villas Boracay

Your best escape from our hectic world. Here youll

find that inner peace youve been seeking as its the

sanctuary both for your body and soul. You will
leave the resort as an improved human being. Rates
range from P11,000+ to P16,000+.

Miniloc Island Resort

Another resort in El Nido that offers luxurious

accommodation. Rates start at P6,500 to P16,100.

El Nido is one of the best islands in Palawan and
youll surely enjoy all the fun activities and the
inclusions on your accommodation with Miniloc
Island Resort.

Misibis Bay Resort

Is in Cagraray Island of Bacacay, Albay. Its 5-

hectare wide and has a tropical landscape where

you can see the jungle, volcanoes and their beautiful
white sand beach. This is the place of luxury where
youre just a few steps away from a great
adventure. Rates start at $470 to as high as $1489.

Out of the Blue Puerto Galera

The pride of Mindoro. Mindoro is the ultimate

destination during summer from Metro Manila and

nearby provinces. Rates go from $65 to $365 a
night for their villas.

The Peacock Garden

Formerly called as the Peacock Garden Luxury

Resort and Spa which is just a few minutes away

from the city of Tagbilaran. This luxury resort
boasts of its grand garden and the sea view. Rates
range from P9000+ to P16000+ per room.

Pearl Farm Resort Davao

Is another pride of Island Garden City of Samal

because everything inside the resort is as lovely as

its name. It offers you a wide variety of water
adventure experience and rejuvenating package.
This beach resort isnt just for a vacation getaway,
it is also ideal place for honeymoon, wedding,
corporate meetings or any special event you want
to celebrate. Visit Pearl Farm Resort and discover
its historical background and why it is called as the
Pearl of the Orient.

Plantation Bay Resort

Just 30 minutes away from Cebu City. Its a 5 star

luxury resort that welcomes even the popular guests

both from the local and international seen since it
opened its doors back in 1996. Rates range from
$160+ to $850++.

Shangri-la Resort & Spa

It has a in Boracay and Cebu. Both are known best

beaches blessed with distinct dining options and

most luxurious spa villages in the Philippines. They
offer rooms and villas with price ranging from P19,
100 for deluxe room to P70, 500 for villa Balani per