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Global Usage
Most popular sites
Proposed Solution


Social media are computer mediated technologies that allow
individuals, companies, NGOs, governments and other
organizations to view, create and share information, ideas and
other forms of expressions via virtual communities
and networks.
Social media differ from paper based or traditional electronic
media such as TV broadcasting in many ways, including quality,
reach frequency, usability, immediacy and permanence.


Global Usage

The middle east and north Africa region has one of the most
youthful populations . In the world , with people under 25
making up between 35-45% of the population in each country.
They make up the majority of social media users, including
about 17million face book users, 2500 twitter accounts and
40000 active blogs.

Most Popular Sites

1. Face book 1,650,000,000 users
2. Whats App 1,000,000,000 users
3. Face book Messenger 900,000,000 users
4. QQ 853,000,000 users
5. We Chat - 706,000,000 users
6. QZone 653,000,000 users
7. Tumblr 555,000,000 users
8. Instagram 400,000,000 users
9. Twitter 320,000,000 users
10.Baidu Tieba 300,000,000 users

Social media are used to document memories, learn

about and explore things , advertise oneself and form

friendships .
Content creation provides networked individuals
opportunities to reach wider audience. Moreover it can
create positively affect their social standings and gain
political support.

These are some of the content creation

activities that networked individuals take part

Writing material such as text or online comments, on social
networking site.
Sharing digital photos.
Contributing rankings and reviews of products or services.
Creating tags of content, such as tagging songs by genre.
Posting comments on third- party websites or blogs.
Taking online material and remixing it into a new creation.
Creating or working on a blog .

There are several negative effect to social media which

receive criticism, for example regarding privacy issues,

information overload and internet fraud.
Social media can also have negative social effect on
Angry or emotional conversations can lead to real world
interactions outside of the internet, which can get users
into dangerous situations.
Some users have experienced threats of violence online
and have feared these threats manifesting themselves

Often the things posted online are the positive

aspects of peoples lives, which makes other

people questions why their own live are not as
exciting or fulfilling. This can lead to
depression and other self-esteem issues.
One of the major disadvantages of using
social networking websites are the students
get addicted to it. They used to spend hours in
those social networking sites which can
obviously degrade the students academic

The internet and social media provide young

people with a range of benefits and

opportunities to empower themselves in
variety of ways.
Social media can be used for organizing
activities, events or groups to showcase
issues and opinions and make a wider
audience aware of them.
Social media provides required information
and awareness of the events that happen in
the society.

Proposed Solutions
Limited usage of social media
Non-exposure of personal information
Using secured websites
Being conscious while interacting with

Consciousness of fraud content

Presented by,
Bhairav Jain
Dabbiru Sunil
Mayuresh Desai
Bharat Savadi
Babugouda Patil
Chetan .RE
Chetan M.D

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