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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

Evidence: Describing outfits and likes / Evidencia: Describiendo atuendos y gustos

Aprendiz: Anamaria Pachn Valbuena
In this evidence, you will be evaluated on vocabulary on clothes and expressing likes and
dislikes regarding clothes. / Por medio de esta evidencia se evaluarn los nombres de las
prendas de vestir y los gustos en cuanto a vestimenta.
Find four photographs showing people (they could be unreal) and describe what they are
wearing. You also have to describe their preferences and likes by using the structure: She
likes or He likes. / Ubique cuatro fotografas de personas (pueden ser ficticias) y
describa sus atuendos. Igualmente describa los gustos y preferencias usando la
estructura: She likes o He likes.

She wears a white shirt, beige pants and black blazer. She
also wears white stilettos. The accessories that she wears
are: pearl's earings, a watch and a black&white handbag

She likes wearing always formal and elegant, shi also likes
walking and practicing exercice. She really likes to always
dress fashionably

She wears a off shoulder blouse, a blue shorts and a sandals
flat. Accesories she wears a watch and a beige handbag

She likes summer and going to the beach for this reason she
likes wearing always fresh and confortable but without losing
the style. She likes swimming in the sea.

She wears a plaid shirt, a grey sweater, blue jeans and a
brown boots. The accesories that she wears are: a pearls
necklace, a gold watch and a burgundy clutch

She likes winter and practicin ski . In the winter season she
likes drinking hot chocolate and cookies. She really likes
building many snow men around her house.

She wears a formal burgundy lace drees and beige stilettos.
The accesories thar she wears are: a clutch of the same color
dress and a sunglasses

She likes designing new clothes and going to the diferents
fashion shows in Europe like Milan Fashion Week and Paris
Fashion Week. She likes always wearing sober and

When you finish your work, send the file to your instructor through the platform as follows:
Click on the title of this evidence.
Click Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make sure the files is
Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
Click Enviar.
Note: This evidence is an individual activity. Remember to check the learning guide in
order to know if you have done all the assigned activities, know how to develop them and
deliver them correctly.

Una vez finalice la evidencia enve al instructor el archivo a travs de la plataforma, as:
D clic en el ttulo de esta evidencia.
D clic en el enlace Examinar mi equipo y
computador. Asegrese de adjuntar los archivos.
Escriba algn comentario si lo considera pertinente.
D clic en Enviar.






Nota: Esta evidencia es de carcter individual. Recuerde revisar la gua de aprendizaje

con el fin de verificar que ha realizado todas las actividades propuestas, saber cmo
desarrollarlas y entregarlas correctamente.

Criterios de evaluacin
Describe prendas de vestir usando la estructura gramatical y el
vocabulario solicitado.