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Mission, vision, philosphy

Prepared By
Divya K Y

A Mission Statement defines the
organization's purpose and primary
Mission statements are the starting points of
an organization's strategic planning and goal
setting process.
They focus attention and assure that internal
and external stakeholders understand what
the organization is attempting to accomplish.

Dimensions of Mission statements:

According to Bart, the strongest organizational
impact occurs when mission statements contain 7
essential dimensions.
Key values and beliefs
Distinctive competence
Desired competitive position
Competitive strategy
Compelling goal/vision
Specific customers served and products or
services offered
Concern for satisfying multiple stakeholders

According toVern McGinis, amission

Define what the company is
Define what the company aspires to be
Limited to exclude some ventures
Broad enough to allow for creative growth
Distinguish the company from all others
Serve as framework to evaluate current
Stated clearly so that it is understood by all

Developing a Mission Statement

Structure of a mission statement

Purpose and values of the organization or
who are the organization's primary
"clients" (stakeholders)
What are the responsibilities of the
organization towards these "clients"
What are the main objectives supporting
the company in accomplishing its mission

A mission statement explains the company's

core purpose and values.

If the organization elects to develop a vision

statement before developing the mission
statement, ask Why does the image, the vision
exist -- what is its purpose? This purpose is often
the same as the mission.
Developing a mission statement can be quick
culture-specific, i.e., participants may use methods
like focused discussions, divergent experiences
around daydreams, sharing stories, etc.

When wording the mission statement, consider the

organization's products, services, markets, values, and
concern for public image, and maybe priorities of
activities for survival.
Consider any changes that may be needed in wording of
the mission statement because of any new suggested
strategies during a recent strategic planning process.
Ensure that wording of the mission is to the extent that
management and employees can infer some order of
priorities in how products and services are delivered.

When refining the mission, a useful exercise is to

add or delete a word from the mission to realize
the change in scope of the mission statement and
assess how concise is its wording.
Does the mission statement include sufficient
description that the statement clearly separates
the mission of the organization from other

Mission Statements of Well

Known Enterprises
"To solve unsolved problems
innovatively" -Mary Kay Cosmetics

Vision statements reflect the ideal image of the
organization in the future.
They create a focal point for strategic planning and are
time bound, with most vision statements projected for a
period of 5 to 10 years.
The vision statement communicates both the purpose
and values of the organization. For employees, it gives
direction about how they are expected to behave and
inspires them to give their best.
Shared with customers, it shapes customers
understanding of why they should work with the

Developing a Vision Statement

1. The vision statement includes vivid

description of the organization as it effectively
carries out its operations.
2. Developing a vision statement can be quick
culture-specific, i.e., participants may use
methods like focused discussions, divergent
experiences around daydreams, sharing stories,
3. Developing the vision can be the most
enjoyable part of planning, but time consuming.

Vision MGM

By the year 2020, MGM Institute of Health

Sciences aims to be a top ranking centre of
excellence in Medical Education & Research.
Students graduating from the institute will have all
the required skills to deliver quality health care to
all sections of the society with compassion &
benevolence, without prejudice or discrimination
at affordable cost. As a Research centre, it shall
focus on finding better, safer & cheaper ways of
diagnosing, treating & preventing disease. In
doing so, it will maintain highest ethical


Objectives are the ends toward which

activity is aimed.


Objectives must be
clearly specified
taking into account the various factors affecting
their achievement
consistent with organizational mission
rational and realistic rather than idealistic
achievable but must provide challenge to those
responsible for achievement
starting with to and be followed by an action verb
consistent over the period of time
periodically reviewed
Having a hierarchy

Organisational objectives

Should have social sanction

An organization may have multiple
Can be changed


Each organization or group of individuals

have some objectives
Objectives may be broad or they may be
specifically mentioned
Objectives may be clearly defined
Objectives have hierarchy.
Organizational objectives are created within
the social norms.
An organization may have multiple objectives.
Organizational objectives can be changed

The statement of philosophy is defined as an

explanation of the systems of beliefs that
determine how a mission or a purpose is to be
achieved. An organization's philosophy states the
beliefs, concepts and principles of an organization.
The nursing service philosophy is a statement of
beliefs that flows from and is congruent with the
institutions philosophy. The belief system of the
nursing philosophy should reflect the nursing
division members ideas and ideals for nursing and
should be endorsed by others.


Nursing is a health care service mandated by society;
the practice of nursing stems from the beliefs and
ideals of the nursing service department.
One method is to use an eclectic approach, selecting
ideas and constructs from various nursing theories and
incorporating these into the philosophy.
A second method is to use one theory throughout the
A third approach is to adopt a theory, then attach the
entire document describing the theory to the
philosophy and refer to the theory at appropriate
places in the philosophy.

The patient is the main reason for the
institutions existence, examine
patients rights. Beliefs concerning
patient's rights will be influenced in
part by institutional policies and
practices .

Nurses are essential in the day-to day
operations of the hospital organization
To keep the organization functioning
smoothly ,it is necessary to address values
related to and beliefs about nurses.
These values and beliefs center around
nurses rights, advancement criteria and
responsibilities to other health professionals,
as well as professional organizations.


Philosophy of nursing education is the
written statement of the believes, values,
attitudes and ideas which the faculty as a
group agreed upon in relation to the
nursing educational programme such as
health, disease, nursing, nurse, nursing
profession, education, learner, society,
patient, nursing education and preparation
of nurses.


Beliefs and values of faculty members

values and beliefs of the institution
The environment where the education
takes place
The student and activities
Health needs of the society
The culture and background of the people
Developments in nursing, medicine and
allied fields

Philosophy of nursing service

The goals and objectives of the
health care delivery system
The disease pattern, the health
awareness and health facilities
The available resources in terms of
man, money and materials


Mission, vision, value statements,

objectives and philosophy act as a
basis for any organization. So an
administrator has to be vigilant while
formulating these.