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Industrial Simulation Project

Automobile Development Internship
Team: 1(Boosters)

Problem Statement

A passenger car downsized 1L petrol engine with high power to weight ratio and reduced engine friction.

Ford EcoSport 1L Petrol Ecoboost
Emission norms:BS5
30 Kg lesser weight
Lesser CO2 emission
Cost: Rs 8.6 Lakh

Technologies for downsizing of petrol engine

Variable Valve Timing
Gasoline Direct Injection
Dual Mass Flywheel
Split Cooling
Catalytic Convertor
Integrated Exhaust
Precision Engineering
Intake air motion
Reduce Cylinder numbers

Turbine driven force induction device
Increases torque and power
Weight reduction by 10%
Saves 30% of fuel consumption

Variable Valve Timing

Process of altering the timing of a valve lift event

Increases torque

Better fuel economy and emission

Gasoline Direct Injection

Highly pressurized gasoline injected via a common rail
fuel line directly into combustion chamber of each cylinder
Increased power output
Easy cold starting
Less carbon based emission
Increased fuel efficiency and alternative fuel possibility

Precision Manufacturing
Metal Injection molding
Analysis and testing via. simulation
Reduced engine friction and
better engine response
Weight reduction
Exhaust Manifold Mahale

Dual Mass Flywheel

Consists compact dual mass flywheels with springs
and planetary gear system
Dampens vibration in Power train
Weight reduction
Smoother ride and customer satisfaction

Integrated exhaust manifold

Exhaust manifold is integrated within the
cylinder head
Weight reduction
Fuel efficiency
Cleaner emission

Split cooling
Cooling cylinder head and block separately
Two circuit with different coolant
Optimal temperature distribution in Engine
Cleaner emission-Complete combustion of fuel

Catalytic Convertor
Emissions control device
Converts toxic gases in exhaust to less toxic form by
catalyzing a re-dox reaction
Helps conform with BS5 norms

A passenger car of 1 L petrol engine can be downsized
with the various technologies discussed above.