Terms to Know


Asynchronous Learning

A teaching/learning style in which teacher and student do not
interact at one time

They communicate back and forth over the course of hours, days
and weeks.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

A list of learning objectives in a course

Objectives build on one another.

Example: First this, then that…

BYOD (Bring your own Device)

Also call Bring your own Technology (BYOT)

Students bring their own devices from home to complete work in

Less expenses for school system

Classroom Management

Method used in classroom setting to decrease disruption and in
turn make best use of time for learning


App on students personal devices that allows them to answer
multiple choice questions given by instructor

Replaces the use for traditional paper multiple choice questions

Discussion Board

Area online where people can create post that other people can

Education Technology

Any form of technology used for teaching/learning

Used by instructors or by academic institutions


The level of alertness or focus of a student during the teaching of
a lesson

Generally, the more engaged a student is, the more the take
away from the what is being taught


Software/Hardware that helps protect devices from harmful
damage or errors

Flipped Classroom

Instead of traditional learning in class and practicing application
of work at home, you do the opposite

Watch lectures at home online and practice in class


To make changes to characteristics of a file

Examples: size, color, font


The process of applying game characteristics to a classroom

Examples: Awards, missions, friendly competition

Interactive Media

Two-sided conversations

Mutual exchange of information

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts

Recommended file format

Known best for its high quality and small size

Scale of files with JPEG range from 1 – 10 for convenience


Distribution of information to more than one person at a time

Examples: Mass emails, Teleconferences

Online Community

Similar to a chatroom

A place online with an open dialogue between people with
common interest

Can be exclusive to a particular group or be open to public

Online Learning

Platform on which educators administer lessons and study
material by means of the internet

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

Small device used to store information such as appointments,
dates, personal contacts, etc.

Student Assessment

A method used to test a students understanding of a topic

Example: Exams and projects

Student Information System (SIS)

Database that stores all student information

Examples: Grades, attendance