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Some Tips & Advice for a Productive Final Year..


What this presentation is about

Introducing Key People for this academic year
Communication to you about some new initiatives in the

Who is Who in Economics

Head of Department
Jan Podivinsky
S1 Office Hours & Location:

Tuesdays 15:00-17:00 and Thursdays 10:00-11:00 or any other

time by email appointment
Room 3117 Murray Building B58

Research Interests: Econometrics and Financial Econometrics.


Who is Who in Economics

Head of Teaching Programmes (S1)
Dr Emanuela Lotti
S1 Office Hours & Location:
Thursdays 12:00-13:00 and 16:00-17:00 0r any other time by
email appointment
Room 3057 Murray Building, B58

Research Interests: Development, Labour Economics

Whos Who in Economics

Dissertation Coordinator
Dr Manos Mentzakis
Office Hours & Location:
Room 3001 Murray Building, B58

Research Interests: Health Economics, Applied Econometrics

Whos Who in Economics

Senior Tutor
Dr Max Kwiek
Office Hours & Location:

Office Hour:

Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory

Whos Who in Economics

Please contact the Econ Student Office
See The HUB on your Blackboard pages (Student Office Forms) for
various forms, including Special Considerations and Extensions

Whos Who in Economics

All members of academic staff including Teaching Fellows
act as personal academic tutors

We each post our office hours on our office doors or ask to

be emailed for an appointment or use on-line booking.
Typically 1.5-2 hours per week. Open to all students.

General Admin Support System

What to do if problems arise?
Individual problems and non routine circumstances
Personal Academic Tutor, Senior Tutor (Max
Kwiek), Student Office and The Hub (Special
Considerations): Coordination is important!
Various University resources for advice (e.g.
immigration, health, accommodation, finances):
Student Union. Details at
Important: Make sure we are aware!

What to do if problems arise?
If you have problems with your PAT discuss with Senior Tutor
Problems with a particular module Module Lecturer
Personal Academic Tutor /Head of Teaching Programmes.
Dissertation Matters: Econometric Software (Dafni Papoutsaki
& team) Admin and Issues with Supervisors (Dissertations
Coordinator), Research (Supervisor)
Problems with your course/programme Personal Academic
Tutor &/or your student reps Head of Teaching


Some New Initiatives (You Ask, We Did)

Informal Feedback and Support Sessions (monthly)
Opportunity for you to provide your view about the course
(Student Voice)
Opportunity to receive advice on your course and various
support (learning opportunities -let us know what would
be useful for you!)
Econ Skills and Employability Module:
Provide learning opportunities for jobs and postgraduate
Offer on-line training opportunities useful for Economists

Feedback Types on Your Performance

Broad Individual Feedback
Module Specific Feedback
Dissertation Feedback
Further academic feedback


Feedback Types
Broad Personalised Feedback:
Me & My course
All Year 3 students should arrange to see their academic
tutor during the beginning of Semester 1.
Semester 2: please arrange a meeting to discuss your S1
exam results.


Feedback Types
Personal Academic Tutors: Advise on academic issues,
Monitor your academic performance, Write reference
letters for you, help you solve admin problems, help you
if you are experiencing difficulties
Why important: Opportunity to get personalised
See Senior Tutor and Head of Teaching for more
complex advice


Feedback Types
Module Specific Feedback (x 8 per semester):
How am I doing in my modules?
All modules to have 2 pieces of assessed coursework
(one of the two possibly group based) up to the
percentage stated in the current regulations.
Students to receive their work back within 2 or 3 weeks
after submission
4 weeks (University deadline) only for very large pieces
of coursework and for large group of students


Feedback Types
Further Direct Feedback:
Each semester and in the context of your 4 modules
your lecturers are available to see you during their office
hours (1.5-2hrs/week) to answer questions on your
assignments, masterclass problem sets or lecture
Email: No restrictions. We are happy to respond to any
reasonable queries!


Other Important Stuff

Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)
Meets every semester to provide a forum of
communication between staff and students.
has representatives from each year of the undergraduate
SSLC meets with academic staff once per semester to
discuss issues raised by students
Know who your representative is!
(And keep an eye on our informal feedback sessions).