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Being digital

Digital strategy execution drives

a new era of banking
July 2015

Digital transformation
The banking industry is under attack from digital disruption
From competitors to customers, processes to people, banking
executives who want to lead in a digital economy need to make
fundamental changes to how they operate.
Start-ups are driving changes in customer expectations
Established digital leaders are extending banking
services into non-banking digital ecosystems where
they are already dominant


return on equity for both mature

or emerging markets achieved
through digital*

*Source: Everyday Bank, Accenture 2014

Copyright 2015 Accenture All rights reserved.

Time is of the essence

Banks must act fast in the face of rapid change
Banks can fully realize their
digital future by executing the
right digital strategy.
Embrace disruptive growth and
transformational change
Appoint Banking, Technology
and Digital entrepreneurs




Adopt a being digital mind-set,

inside and outside the business

Copyright 2015 Accenture All rights reserved.

Executing at two speeds

Balancing new growth options with transformation of the core
Digital disruptors are attacking the banking industry, redefining
customer expectations and reshaping industry boundaries.

Banks need to embrace two speeds:

SPEED 1Disruptive: the rapid adoption of new
options for business growth (e.g. crowd everything,
data monetization)
SPEED 2Transformational: fast change in the
core business of banking (e.g. addressing customer,
enterprise and operational strategies)


of bank revenues are

at risk from new digital
business models*

*Source: Everyday Bank, Accenture 2014

Copyright 2015 Accenture All rights reserved.

Governing with three roles

Banks need to appoint three entrepreneurs


Three entrepreneurs need to work together in a highly

collaborative manner:
Banking entrepreneurre-orient your business to
balance value and risk
Technology entrepreneurflex your platform to render
the organization more open, flexible and scalable
Digital entrepreneurdelight your customers
by anticipating their desires

Copyright 2015 Accenture All rights reserved.

Adopting a being digital mind-set

Evolve the banks culture, internally and externally
Being digital on the outside:
Using digital to improve customer engagement
and the customer experience.

Being digital on the inside:

Using digital to adapt internal banking practices
to deliver and stimulate the being digital agenda


of digital transformers see shortages

of digital skills as a top challenge and
have concerns about attracting and
retaining top digital talent*

*Source: Digital Double-Down: How Far Will Leaders Leap Ahead? Accenture 2014
Copyright 2015 Accenture All rights reserved.

Where next?
Orchestrate a new everyday banking ecosystem
Current execution models must change to
simplify customers lives and offer services
of unprecedented diversity and value.
To satisfy customers and stakeholders, take
advantage of:


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Being digital
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