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Music Video Case Study

By: Pia Saurbier

Atlantic Records company (Warner
Music Group)
Founded in 1947
Herb Abramson created the company
By 1954 it had released various big hits
Drinking Wine
-In 1976 the Warner Music company bought
it which expanded the overall audiences
- In 2004 Atlantic Records joined with Elektra
Records to create Atlantic Records Group

Current chairman: Craig Kallman

Atlantic's first batch of recordings were issued in
late January 1948, and including That Old Black
Atlantic faced a serious challenge in late 1947
where all recordings of union musicians were
banned; this process lasted for about a year

Company Info

Technology and Evolution

After the new genre rhythm and blues
was released, this company created a
whole new audience in the music
Technologies such as the vinyl LPS
finally for the first time brought music to
the homes of those listening
Also created fan base rich internet
application where listeners could discuss
music they liked from their desktops for
the first time without using the internet.

Audiences reached through


Marketing Strategies
Different artists use different
publication methods including :
Snap chat
Movie exposure (song is showcased in
new movie)

Another common marketing practice

includes pairing up new artists with
more experienced ones so they get
recognition and an immediate
Concert collaborations

Diversification and
Partnered with Doritos to create a usergenerated commercial for the Super Bowl
2014 to reach another audience and create
a new outlook for the brand name
Collaborated with Glow motion
technologies to give people glow up
bracelets to take to concerts
YouTube channel for this label has released
a diverse amount of material from a
plethora amount of artists.

Older artists that made the label so famous:
ABBA, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, Phil
Collins, Ray Charles, The Blues Brothers, and
The Rolling Stones.
Their most recent and famous artists
include: Ed Sheeran, Flo Rida, Bruno Mars,
Jason Mraz, Skrillex, and Marina & the

Distribution Practices
Both in the US (Atlantic
records company) and
on an international
scale (Warner Music
Began with compact
disks and now
distribute music on a
large scale through
modern technology and
social media

ase study: Ed Sheeran

Ownership: Warner Music
Distribution and Marketing:
Social media (YouTube)
Performs internationally
6 time platinum winner in
the UK
Made guest appearance in
Taylor Swifts concert in 2012
and performed A team
which became his first big

His music is different to other artists due to his
marketing. He writes his own music and keeps his
music videos very simple and organic so the
audience can connect with him on a personal level
Markets songs by creating albums that run in
certain themes ;for example love
Music is now being shown and played on a global and
international scale thanks to the variety of social media

What made him famous?

Here is a link to one of the songs that
made Ed Sheeran the famous Artist
he is today
Thinking Out Loud cover picture:

Famous Lyrics

Case study: Christina Perri

Ownership: Warner Music
Distribution and marketing:
Social Media
A thousand Years
Gained exposure from
So you think you can dance
- Combined concert with Demi Lovato in 2014
concert and had toured internationally for
exposure on the global scale

Major marketing points
included her exposure in the
twilight movie where she
sang A thousand Years
From that point forward she
gained exposure and
reached an audience on the
global scale
Exchange: publicity from
different audeinces and age
groups was accessed
through advertising her new
song and her social media

What made her famous?

Here is a link to the song that made
Christina Perri famous:
A thousand Years cover picture:

Famous Lyrics

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