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maintain eye health



do we have to
maintain eye health?

Eyes are among the senses is very

important and is in need to perform any
activities, including work, with the senses
we can see the beauty of the world and see
the important things that can be a life

disease if we do not maintain

eye health, can occur such as:
A. Minus
minus is nearsighted eye disease

B. Plus
farsighted eye disease

C. Katarak
section cloudy eye lens is
usually clear and obscures


Maintain visibility

laptop, computer or television

Ideally visibility of about 50-100 cm.
- read the book
Ideally visibility of about 30 cm

5 ways to care for

and maintain eye

2. Reduce and eliminate the habit

rubbed his eyes.
use eye drops.

your eyes

too long looking at the

computer screen, cell phone,
and tv.
.rest or sleep.

4. Consult your eye

- routinely and periodically you should
check your eyes to the eye doctor.

5. Consumption of food and

fruits that contain vitamin A.
- carrot
- avocado
- blueberries
- broccoli
- spinach

thanks for your