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Jade Smith
Samantha Roberson
Essence Littlejohn
Cameron Nelson
Jaida Palanque
Angelica Owens
Tia Johnson

Problem Statement
Students have often faced low quality customer service when being served in North
Carolina A&T dining facilities such as Williams Dining Hall, The Dome, Simply to Go,
and McCallisters restaurant.

Low Quality Customer Service

All colleges differ in the type of dining facilities they offer to their faculty and
students; however, does the bad customer service remain the same?
At NCATSU, many students have complained about the unprofessionalism and
behavior of servers and cashiers at the multiple dining facilities that NCAT offers.
Many students said they experienced:
Lack of Enthusiasm
We conducted a survey to get an idea of what students experienced and what could
be done.

Survey Questions
Have you ever experienced bad customer service in facilities such as Williams
Dining Hall, The Dome, Simply To Go, and Mcalister's?
Do you think something should be done about dining customer services or are
you content?
What are some things employees should do to obtain good customer service?
Do you think the employees of dining facilities at A&T should be ranked by
What experiences have you had as a student with the customer service at the
dining facilities here?

Survey Results
1. 87% of students think employees should be ranked by students and 12% said no
students shouldnt
2. 50% of students said theyve received bad customer service from employees
50% said they have not
3. 82% of students think action should be taken about the bad customer service
4. 50% of students want employees to change the way they talk and greet
students, 87% of students think they should have a better attitude, and 62% of
students think they should be more considerate of students schedules
5. Attitude and pettiness, There is no sense of urgency whatsoever , They
treat me great they know my name,and Good service sometimes but don't
always have food ready.

How to improve customer service in Williams Dining Hall, The Dome, Simply to Go,
and McAlister's Deli:
Require all employees to go through a week of training to gain better skills
Hire people who naturally have a positive personally and are truly interested in the
hospitality business
Have incentives like employee the month and perform surveys to give feedback for
the employees.

Our group determined the best solution would be to require the employees to go
through a week of training and take the suggestions of students into consideration.
This would benefit NCATSU by:
Allow students to share their opinions/ concerns about the service they pay for
Ensure that dining employees know the expectations before working
Lower the amount of complaints and improve the satisfaction of customers