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Ash is the residue remaining after the coal has been
incinerated to constant weight under standard conditions.
Typical ash composition : SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO,
MgO etc.
Ash content of Indian coal used in power station is
about 30 to 40 %.

Ash volumes and properties

Parts of Ash Handling System

Bottom Ash Handling System

Coarse Ash (Economizer Ash) Handling System
Air Pre Heater ash handling system
Fly ash handling system
Ash slurry disposal system

Bottom Ash Handling System

Ash water pumping system

Bottom ash and Bottom ash overflow system

Economiser system in combination with Bottom Ash system

Ash slurry disposal pumping system

Seal water pumping system

Ash water pumping system

LP Ash Water Pumps: Three numbers of Low pressure ash water
pumps are provided of capacity 395m3/Hr. and head 33 meter.

one is used for each unit and one stand by.

for Bottom Ash hopper filling/make up, Seal trough filling,

Refractory cooling, coarse Ash removal, Fly Ash conditioners, water
requirement of slurry mixing tank of HCSD system.

Ash water pumping system

HP Ash Water Pumps: Two Nos of High pressure ash water pumps
are provided of capacity 480 m3/Hr. and head 118 meter.

One pump is for Both the units and one is standby

HP ash water is used for Jet pumps to convey slurry collected from
Bottom Ash to Slurry sump, Bottom Ash hopper flushing, Feed gate
housing flushing, View glass flushing , Seal trough flushing, BA
Overflow tank flushing, Slurry sump flushing, Slurry pump flushing and
HCSD system jetting.

Bottom Ash system consists of

W-type, water impounded, monolithic refractory lined Bottom
Ash Hopper.
Seal trough
Seal trough make up and flushing
Feed gates & Air water converter tanks
Clinker grinder
Feed sump
Jet pump
HP water conveying & Flushing
LP water make up and refractory cooling


Bottom Ash Removal system


Bottom ash overflow system

It consists of Overflow tank of effective storage capacity of 32.5 m3
2 Nos. BA Overflow transfer pumps of capacity
195 m3/Hr. Head 19 meter.
Overflow disposal piping to slurry sump

Seal trough overflow and drains, BA hopper overflow are collected in

overflow tank and transferred to slurry sump continuously. The pump
will start/stop automatically based on the level.


Economiser system


Around 1% of ASH will be collected through economiser hopper


Two nos of Economiser water pumps are provided of capacity

40m3/Hr. and head 45meter.

Seal water pumping system


Two Nos of seal water pumps are provided of capacity

50m3/Hr. head 96m
Service water (or) clarified water are used for seal water pump
Seal water is used for gland sealing of slurry pumps, charge
pumps in HCSD system, Clinker grinders, overflow pumps and
drain sump pumps at silo and slurry sump.

Ash slurry disposal pumping



Bottom Ash slurry will be discharged to slurry sump and then

from slurry sump it will be disposed to Ash Pond by slurry
There are two series of slurry pumps and each having two
stages of capacity 660m3/Hr. and head 43 mwc.
The speed of the stage 1 pump is controlled by Hydraulic
coupling. Stage 2 pump will rotate in a constant speed.

Fly ash handling

Instrument air compressor and transport Air compressor



Fly ash pressure conveying system

ESP hopper and silo Fluidising air system

Silo unloading system

High concentration slurry disposal system

IA & TA compressor system


Two nos of oil free screw type compressors are provided for
Instrument air of capacity 1020 cu.m/hr. at 8.5Kg/cm2.
Compressed air for instruments are used for operation of Pneumatic
valves in the total system, operation of Feed gates and Purging of bag
Blower Reactivated type Air Driers are used for Drying the Instrument
Three Nos of Transport Air Compressors (of rated parameters 4100
cu.m/hr. at 7 kg/cm2) are provided for conveying of Fly Ash from ESP
& APH Hoppers to Fly ash silo.

Fly ash pressure conveying



Fly ash vessel below ESP hopper


Silo Unloading system


Two Nos of Silos are provided to collect the Fly Ash, each
having storage capacity 1000T
There are three modes of removal of Fly ash from silo
Open truck system, closed truck system, HCSD system
Open truck removal system consists of manual and pneumatic
isolation valves, Rotary feeder and dust conditioner
For Closed truck: manual and pneumatic isolation valves,
Rotary feeder and telescopic spout
For HCSD system: manual and pneumatic isolation valves,
Rotary feeder, Mass flow meter and dust conditioner

High Concentration Slurry

Disposal System


The moistened Ash from dust conditioner is collected to Mixing

tank, where Ash becomes slurry by adding LP water.
The slurry in the mixing tank is properly mixed with agitator
fitted inside the mixing tank.
The concentration of slurry is controlled by Non Nucleonic
density meter.
Charge pump provided for each silo will feed the slurry from
mixing tank to HCSD pump at 3kg/cm2

Agitator inside mixing Tank and

Charge pump




ESP Hopper and Silo Fluidising



Three Nos of Blowers (of capacity 1000 m3/hr. at 6000mmwc)

are provided for ESP hopper fluidising with Two No's of Electric
heater in common.

Three Nos of Blowers( of capacity 1000m3/hr. at 9000mmwc)

are provided for silo fluidising with Two No's of Electric heater
in common.