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The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is a psychological thriller released on August 6 th 1999, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In this scene we
can explore different conventions used by the director to engage the audience on the plot. This includes quiet
underscores used to build tension via soundscape with placement of pops in the scene to effect hoe the audience views
the scene.
Firstly we can look at the mise
Looking at the lighting used in this scene
en scene. In this scene the boy
is interesting to see how it engages the
has his back turned which
audience. The boy is in a well lit
makes him vulnerable to the
environment using non-diegetic lighting of
audience almost straight away.
what is assumed to bee a window. This
This is followed by a ghostly
contrasts the low key lighting in the hall
woman quickly pacing past his
way behind the little boy which keeps the
back, this action is quick and
audience engaged to see what is lurking
abrupt to engage the audience
behind. Once the woman makes her
to se what lies ahead. Also
entrance shes heavily shadowed connote
notice how the actress is
the darkness of her character.
walking in a manor which isnt
considered the norm to
The sound in this specific scene is very affective in engaging the
suggest not all is normal.
audience with the use of sound effects in a sudden loud score once the
woman appears, this score then becomes louder as increased tension
is created. This type of sound is similar to famous engaging scenes
such as the shower scene in the noir thriller, Psycho.

Throughout this clip the camera work is also used well to engage the audience. We start the
clip off with a mid shot of the boy opening a door with good composition of the rule of thirds.
The boy looks held back from proceeding to the toilet, notice how this shot isnt establishing
where he exactly is to raise questions and keep the audience engaged to want to find out
more. After the appearance of the woman we see a change is mood, there is a POV shot which
is moving along very slowly to show the anxiousness of the boy to see whos in the room. This
is very affective in keeping the audience engaged as it builds a big amount of tension as we
hear non diegetic sounds coming from the kitchen where the woman is. Once the woman is
shown shes represented as powerful as is seen via a low angled shot. The boy then quickly
runs out of the room with an unsteady tracking shot to suggest that he is scared and in a
dangerous situation, again maintaining the audience to engage.
In conclusion I feel that this film clip generally follows the stereotypical conventions of a
psychological thriller. What is meant by this is that the protagonist has a lot of confusion and
does not fully understand their situation in this world in this narrative. We can also see very
typical camera work, sound editing, mise en scene, and lighting. However, I did feel there
was little change in the editing with quite simple cuts being made throughout the clip where
they could have used cross cutting between the two characters and decreased the time the
shots lasted to engage the audience even more.