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What is a Multinational Corporation?


Multinational Corporations to name a few.

What is Multi-Level-Marketing?

Multi-levelmarketing(MLM)isamarketing strategyinwhichthesalesforceis

The first network marketing plan was introduced in 1945 by California Vitamin Company
which later became Nutrilite. Rich DeVos & Jay Van Andel (Co Founders Amway) were
initially a successful distributer for Nutrilite. In 1949 they went on to buy Nurtrilite and
rebranded the company Ja-Ri Corporations and in 1959 they formed Amway (means
American Way).
Amway Corporation Quick Facts:
Founded in 1959, HQ in Ada, Michigan, USA (Home Country)
Largest Direct Selling Company in the world.
A $10.9 billion dollar company .
Actively operating in more than 80 countries and territories on six continents.
A FMCG giant in its own rights manufacturing beauty/skin care, nutritional, wellness,
personal care, home care, lifestyle products.
Has 500 dedicated scientist and more than 600 patents worldwide.
It has tie-up with top Fortune 500 companies.
Owns a basketball team Orlando Magic.
Charity campaign around the world by Amway One-by-One.
Amway Global Tag Line: People Helping People To Help Themselves
AMWAY by the Numbers....mp4

Amway India Quick Facts:

Made an investment of more than Rs. 200 cr, Rs. 22 cr as an FDI in 1998 with just
6 products to launch with.

1998 sales turnover Rs. 100 cr.

In 2011 it recorded a sales turnover of Rs. 2,130 cr as compared to Rs, 1790 cr in 2010.
More than 5,00,000 active distributors across India and growing.

135 offices and 55 city warehouses and four regional mother warehouses.

Logistic partnership is spread over 5500 locations.

Today it offers more than 15 brands with a range of products to choose from.
TV Commercial of Amway India.flv

It has a tie-up with major international brands like Puma , John Luis (clothing), Max New York (insurance),
ADDA (hand bags), United Colors of Benetton (clothing), Aveiro (watches), Disney, ICICI Bank, BPCL any
many more to offer . Business Plan Amway 2012.flv

Amway Business Education - BWW (Britt World Wide)

Britt World Wide is an organization set-up by Bill & Peggy Britt to
educate Amway Independent Business Owners (IBO) on how to build
this business successfully
BWW Educates IBOs around the world through mentorship programs
with the help of:
a) Seminar (BBS), Open Meeting, IBO Recognition (FED), Team Meetings etc.
b) Recorded Audio & Video Business Support Material.
c) BWW copyright books on functional & core skills (BOM).
d) Monthly success story magazine Lamplighter

Recent Moves.

First own manufacturing center in India by 2014

with an
investment of 3 billion INR.
William Pinckney (CEO, India): Amway India
achieved 19% growth primarily due to experimental
marketing and brand awareness and penetration of
products in semi-urban and rural areas.
Amway India recently partnered with Microsoft and
launched its new website to cater to e-commerce
experience for its distributors.

Obstacles Amway Faced in India.

Problems & Obstacles

Solutions & Possibilities

People with negative mindset in

India (Host Country).

People with positive mindset in

USA (Home Country NRIs).

Expensive Products.

Cost Effective & Concentrated

Quality Product.

Other MLM companies claiming

to be "just like Amway

Educating people what MLM &

Amway is all about.

No Awareness in Indian market.

Advertising & Awareness


Traditional Way of earning


Conventional Opportunity to earn

money with values and great
reward programs.

The Future
Amway wants India to be among its top five business centers in the world in
the next five years.
Amway India aims turnover of Rs 2500cr in FY12.


Introducing new products to the Indian market once in every 2-3 months
(Nutrilite Glucose Health & Nutrilite Milk Thistle with Dandelion launched in Mar12)
Creating brand awareness among Indian consumers through advertisement
on TV and Business Magazine

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