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Pablo Suarez

Heart Risk Plan

Rachel Twitty

Current Risks

Chest pain

Blocked coronary vessel


Wife smokes

Blood clot issues

High cholesterol

A recommendation would be to take 81mg of aspirin everyday for the next 10

years, but the issue with that is the problem with clotting. The aspirin would not
be good for the already apparent issue of poor clotting of minor injuries.


In your life a huge factor of risk that is modifiable is smoking.

You should stop smoking it is increasing your risk of heart
problems. You should also have your wife stop smoking because
you are getting secondary smoke from the 2 or 3 packs she
smokes a day.

Make sure to get plenty of exercise too which should be

relatively easy since you coach soccer. Run with the children, it
will improve your cardiac shape.


On the basis of your age and calculated risk for heart disease or stroke of
13.6%, you should be on amoderate to high intensity statin. This could help
to decrease blockages in your vessels.

The aspirin you already take can help with the risk for heart disease or stroke,
but it can be a problem with your risk of bleeding.

Eat a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It should include
low-fat dairy products and low-fat proteins, such as poultry, fish and legumes,
and moderate amounts of healthy fats, such as unsalted nuts, and vegetable
and olive oils. Also, reduce the number of calories in your daily diet. This
should help with cholesterol problem.

Seek counseling or medication therapy to help you quit smoking or using

tobacco. For more information about how to quit smoking, talk to your doctor.

Post Operation

The stent appears to be doing its job since the chest pain
and symptoms have stopped.

Should still go to a cardiologist to make sure the stent is

doing its job and no excess build up it forming around it.

If any chest pain resurfaces, come in right away do not

wait it could be a serious problem due to high risk of
stroke and heart attack.


First and foremost STOP SMOKING!!! As of now, your BP is at a good level, but
as you get older it becomes more likely to increase. Smoking will cause it to
rise. Also, physical activity will help with that.

Continue to take aspirin, but if any bleeding does not stop go to the doctor
right away.

Exercise everyday. It is important in low blood pressure and to improve

cardiac health. I expect to hear from your nephew that you run and exercise
with them everyday at practice.

Eat lots of healthy foods such as vegetables and fish, nothing high in fat. This
should help to lower your cholesterol which will be measured with at lipid
panel blood test at your next appointment. Your goal for cholesterol is less
than 200 for total cholesterol, less than 100 LDL, and 60 or greater HDL.