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Stem Cells

What did we find?

17 of the 20 people interviewed believed that

stem cell research was a way forward

20 of the 20 people interviewed believed that

interfering with a potential human being was

wrong, however 17 of them agreed that these
issues superseded the welfare of suffering
patients who could potentially have lives

What do we think?
There needs to be a double standard, that's

the only way to make it work.

Why? Because other unacceptable

experiments can claim to have just as much

importance and there would be no choice but
either stop stem cell research or grant

Stem cell research is a way forward, but poses

a few challenges. The problem lies not with

the type of research but with peoples
attitudes and ability to agree. Until a
universal way is developed as to deciding
which treatments are widely acceptable and
which are not, then we cannot continue to
move forward in leaps and bounds with stem