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Culture and Values of an

Session 16

Service Culture


Define what culture and

values are

Explain the importance of

culture and values to an

Discuss an organizations
values statement


Along with their Mission-Vision Statements, most

organizations have their core values printed on
plaques and are displayed on their walls
An organizations culture and value give the public
a picture or identity of the organization. But what
makes culture and values important to an
That is what we are going to talk about in this
todays session.

Todays Agenda?

What are Culture and Values?

Importance of Culture and Values to an

Developing Values Statements

Examples of Organization Value Statements

What is Culture?

Organizational Culture is a pattern of shared basic

assumptions that was learned by a group as id
solved its problems of external adaptation and
internal integration, that has worked well enough to
be considered valid and therefore, to be taught to
new members as the correct way you perceive,
think, and feel in relation to those problems.
-Edgar Schein, 2004

Levels of Culture

Behaviour and Artifacts



Types of Culture

Academy Culture
Baseball Team Culture
Club Culture
Fortress Culture

Types of Culture

Academy Culture
Employees are highly skilled and tend to stay in the
organization while working their way up the ranks.
The organization provides a stable environment in
which employees can develop and exercise their
skills. Examples are universities, hospitals, large
corporations, etc

Types of Culture

Baseball Team Culture

Employees are "free agents" who have highly-prized
skills. They are in high demand and can rather easily
get jobs elsewhere. This type of culture exists in
investment banking, advertising, etc.

Types of Culture

Club Culture
The most important requirement for employees in
this culture is to fit into the group. Usually
employees start at the bottom and stay with the
organization. The organization promotes from
within and highly values seniority. Examples are the
military, some law firms, etc.

Types of Culture

Fortress Culture
Employees don't know if they'll be laid off or not.
These organizations often undergo massive
reorganization. There are many opportunities for
those with timely, specialized skills. Examples are
savings and loans, large car companies, etc.

What are Values?

Values determines the general behavior of an

organization, as people attributes their behavior
to the stated values.
The Core values of an organization are values that
the organization holds that form its foundation on
which it performs work and conducts itself.

Importance of Culture and Values

Encourages members to learn more about each

other, thus promotes better working relationships

within the organization

Allows understanding and respect for diversity

among its members and individual differences

Importance of Culture and Values

Helps managers hire individuals whom they see

can work well in their organization

Aligns actions towards organizational goals with

motivations and commitment

Characteristics of a Value Statement

Value statements should reflect the

organizations convictions and beliefs

Should consider the values of its members,

customers, and other stakeholders

Examples of Value Statements


Protecting People and Environment
High Performance

Examples of Value Statements

Bank of America.
Doing the right thing: we have the responsibility
to do the right thing for our customers,
shareholders, communities and one another
Trusting & Teamwork: We succeed together,
Inclusive Meritocracy: We care about one
another, value one anothers differences, focus
on results and strive to help all associates reach
their full potential.

Examples of Value Statements

Bank of America

Winning: We have a passion for achieving results

and winning for our customers, our
shareholders, our communities and one another

Leadership: We will be decisive leaders at every

level communicating our vision and taking action

to help build a better future.

Examples of Value Statements

Globe Telecom
We put our customers first.
Our people make the difference.
We act with integrity.
We care like an owner.
We keep things simple.
To us, its be fast or be last.


Food Services
Financial Services
Health Care
Customer Service