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Analysis of Channel Logos

By William Hall
1. MTV
MTV logo letter M uses a style that is very
sharp and stays very simplistic (Sans
Serif). The font that is used for the word
TV is almost like it is handwritten and this
allows it to relate to the programmes that
the channel shows (casual). Two fonts are
used within the logo, the second font style
is also a very modern how has a creative
side. The logo normally uses just black and
white however this is often changed in
order to make it more eye catching but
stays with the simple side by using just two
colours. An example of a colour scheme
change would be the Yellow and Pink, this
is to show creativity and grab viewers
2. Animal Planet
Animal planets logo is written in big bold font that is
bright green. The Sans Serif font style very identifiable
because of the simple and modernistic look. The use of
bright green represents nature and informs the user of
the type of programmes that are on the channel. The font
style is big and bold but very simplistic that shows that
the channel is formal.

The layout of the logo is very basic however several

features such as the M in Animal have been changed in
order to make the logo more visual interesting. This
change could also have been done to give the logo a
wild feel.

The choice of colours within the logo is a green palate of

many three different shades. Reasoning behind this is to
show nature and the variety within it.

Thick bold font has been used representing the enormous

scale of natures being whilst the changing of size of font
also shows the variety within nature.
3. ITV
ITV uses a variety of colours
that change throughout the
logo. The logo is written in a
very sleek font style that
connects the letters and is
simplistic whilst doing so.

The sleek and stylistic font

allows for a large target
audience due to its very
modernistic and appealing
4. Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon is has an orange paint
splash in the background of the logo
and uses this to draw in the attention
with the eye-catching colour.

The paint splash represents that it is a

kids channel so that the kids can
relate to it.

The font style used in the logo is

almost done in the same manner
looking like it is written in paint brush
strokes however it much neater.
5. The BBC
The BBCs logo design represents the channels ethos of
inform, educate and entertain. It does this by
maintaining a neutral and simplistic design.

The shape of the logo is very simple and is made up of

three evenly sized squares that are laid out in a row

Font is used and is place on top on each square spelling

out BBC. The font which is used is very clear and formal
telling a audience that they are a formal channel as
well as informative.

Colours scheme choice for this logo is very interesting

as they have stuck to a Black and White scheme.
Reasoning behind this is that it fits the channels black
and white view.

In terms of size the logo stands quite wide making it

big and bold almost hinting the channels size and
significance in the Television industry.
6. Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network also uses a very
simplistic and box like font that has a
two colour scheme. This relates to
the channels young audience and
makes it highly recognisable amongst

The logo has a couple of other

variants however the other variants
of the logo are fairly similar. For
example the logo that contains the
channels whole name in boxes with a
cartoony font.
7. 4More
The 4 MORE logo uses the classic 4
logo but changes the colours and
shape to make it more retro and
sharp. The font the crosses the logo
saying MORE.

This font style that is modernistic so

when mixed with the retro
background it allows the channel to
aim at all ages not secluding people.
8. Disney Channel
The Disney channels logo is very
bright colours and is written in the
iconic cartoony font style. The bright
colours used in the logo represent
fun and happiness as the channel is
aimed at children and a younger

The font style used is also aimed at

the younger audience as it
represents the type of programmes
that will appear on the channel.