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HANA Memory Sizing

High Level HANA Sizing Options

Three sizing approaches are available to help estimate the HANA Memory requirements for a new change. These are:
HANA BW Sizing for Dataflows to be transitioned from BW on Oracle to BW on HANA.
Extrapolation for sizing on new flows not on BW on Oracle.
SAP Quicksizer where sample data cannot be sourced for extrapolation.

HANA BW Sizing: This approach uses an SAP Program to determine the expected HANA Size based on an existing data
set in BW on Oracle. When using this approach, you should based the estimate on the expected data flow compliant to

Extrapolation: If source data can be loaded into the Sandbox environment, or is available in Development, extrapolation
methods can provide an estimate of expected sizes.

SAP Quicksizer: If no source data is available for extrapolation and the SAP Quicksizer can be used for a rudimentary

HANA Table Sizing BW on Oracle Estimate

Estimates based on existing Data flows in BW on Oracle.

For Data flows moving from BW on Oracle to BW on HANA, the SAP
Program /SDF/HANA_BW_SIZING can be used.
1. Run the SAP Program from SE38
2. Enter the Top Level InfoProvider and ensure the following
checkboxes or radio boxes are ticked:
a) Use system subset only
b) Subset for existing BW system
3. Execute the program.

From the output of the program, an estimate can be made on the data
flow. The estimate must be based on re-architecting the data flow to
LSA++. The program can also be used to project growth estimates if

The estimates should be based on the HANA Size, and not the ABAP

HANA Table Sizing - Extrapolation
Extrapolating by loading data in HANA
1. Find all the DB tables behind the BW InfoProviders. For
e.g. Active, Change Log, Inbound table for a particular
2. From DB02, obtain the Estimated Maximum Memory
Consumption Size and Number of Entries for each
3. Divide the Estimated Memory Consumption by the
Number of Entries and multiply by the number of
expected entries.

Note: You must have, at a minimum, a months worth of

realistic data for the estimate to be partially accurate. Sizing
estimates can be widely inaccurate if a sample size is not
reflective of expected values. Testing has shown variances
up to 1000% if based on inadequate volumes.

Estimates based on this approach usually higher than

actual results.

SAP Quicksizer

SAP Quicksizer:
2. Log on using your S Userid and Password 4
3. Click on HANA Version
4. Enter the Project Name and click on Create
5. Click on SAP BW powered by SAP HANA
6. Delete all the default entries from Table 1 to 6
Table 4
7. Enter the value, e.g. no of key fig, no of char,
historical records and no of records loaded on
daily basis
8. You can size more than one object by inserting
a new line
9. Save and Calculate result 8
10. Memory requirement for hana is DB memory