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Prepared by:

Engr. Jeffrey P. Landicho

Sample problem
1. A regular polygon inscribed in a circle of
radius 12 cm has 20 diagonals. The polygon is
a. Hexagon b. Heptagon
c. Octagon d. Nonagon
2. A regular polygon has the sum of its interior
angles equal twice the sum of its exterior
angles. Determine the number of sides.
a. 9 b. 8 c. 7 d. 6
3. An equilateral polygon has each exterior
angle equal to 300. Determine the number of
a. 50 b. 52c. 54 d. 56
4. The area of regular hexagon inscribed in a
circle is 166.28 cm2. If the circle is also
inscribed in a square, find the area of the
a. 256 b. 265 c. 526 d. 625
5. A circle having a radius of 10 cm
circumscribed a triangle having an area of
96 cm2. If one side of the triangle is 20 cm,
compute the shorter side of the triangle.
a. 12 b. 14 c. 16 d. 10
6. The perimeter of the sector is 9 m and its
radius is 3 m, what is the area of the sector?
5.4 b. 4.5 c. 6.5 d. 7.8
7. The lateral area of the right circular cone is
40 cm2. The base radius is 4 cm. What is the
slant height?
a. 10 b. 8 c. 9 d. 11
8. A cone is to be constructed from a sector
having a diameter of 72 cm and central angle
of 2100. Determine the radius of the cone.
a. 12 b. 21c. 31 d. 13
9. A regular triangular pyramid has an altitude
of 9 m and a volume of 187.06 m3. What is
the base edge?
a. 12 b. 13c. 14 d. 15
10. A horizontal cylindrical tank has a radius of
600 mm and a length of 5 m. Find the volume of
the water in the tank if it is 7/8 full.
a. 5.94 b. 4.59 c. 4.95 d. 9.45
11. One edge of a regular hexahedron is 24 cm
long. Find the ratio of the volume to surface area.
a. 3 b. 8 c. 6 d. 4
12. What is the surface area of a sphere whose
volume is 36 cu. m?
a.52.7m2 b. 48.7m2 c. 46.6m2 d. 54.6m2
13. The surface area of a sphere is 4 r 2. Find the
percentage increase in its diameter when the
surface area increased by 21%
a.5% b. 10% c. 15% d. 20%
14. Given two spheres whose combined volume is
known to be 819 cu. m. if their radii are in the
ratio 3:4, what is the volume of the smaller
a.576 cu. m b. 243 cu. m
c. 343 cu. m d. 476 cu. m
15. How much will the surface area of a sphere be
increased if its radius is increased by 5%?
a. 25% b. 15.5%
c. 12.5% d. 10.25%
16. A sphere of radius r just fits into a cylindrical
container of radius r and altitude 2r. Find the
empty space in the cylinder.
a.(8/9) r3 b. (20/27) r3
c. (4/5) r3 d. (2/3) r3
17. A small circle is inscribed in a circular sector
of radius 12 cm and central angle of 600.
Compute the area of the small circle if it is
tangent internally to the radius and the arc of
the sector.
a. 50.27 b. 40.27 c. 60.27 d. 55.27
18. A conical vessel has a height of 24 cm and a
base diameter of 12 cm. It holds water to a
depth of 18 cm above its vertex. Find the
volume (in cm3) of its content.
a. 188.40 b. 298.40 c. 381.70 d. 412.60
19. A regular triangular pyramid has an
altitude of 9 m and a volume of 187.06
cu m. What is the base edge in meters?
a. 12 b. 13c. 14 d. 15
20. What is the area in cm2 of the circle circumscribed
about an equilateral triangle with sides 10 cm?
a. 124.7 b. 134.7 c. 114.7 d. 104.7
21. The perimeter of an isosceles right triangle is
6.8284. compute the area of the triangle in square
a. 2b. 1 c. d. 4
22. The trapezoid has an area of 36 m 2 and altitude
of 2 m. Its two bases in meters have ratio 0f 4 : 5.
The bases are
a. 12, 5 b. 7, 11 c. 8, 10 d. 16, 20
23. Three sides of a trapezoid are each 8 cm long.
How long is the 4th side when the area of the
trapezoid has the greatest value?
a. 16 cm b. 12 cm c. 10 cm d. 14 cm
24. A five pointed star is also known as
a. quintagon b. pentagon
c. pentatron d. pentagram
25. The area bounded by two concentric circles
is called
a. disk b. ring
c. sector d. annulus