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the smart way to sweat

The Need

People want to be able to closely monitor their health

People need to know whether they drink to much
They need to know their glucose levels
Body Temperature
They need to know if they are dehydrated
The Solution

The creation of a device that will measure your body sweat at any given
time and report back information to you
Should be small and portable in size
It will be able to analyse the properties in your sweat and tell you
information such as blood alcohol levels, glucose content, Potassium
levels as well as if you are dehydrated or not
Basic Design

Small band that can be fastened onto the arm

Bluetooth connectivity inbuilt
Connects directly to your phone
Target Market

People who like to work out

Spots players
General public above the age of 15
Health conscious people
People who like to drink who want to monitor their drinking habits