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Camp Constitution

Know Your Constitution

July 2-9, 2017
Toah Nipi Christian Retreat Center
Toah Nipi Christian
Retreat Center
Week long Family camp 2017 July 2-
9 Rindge, NH
First camp was held in 2009
Families and attendees from MI, PA, VA, New
England, New Jersey
Close to 100 attendees in 2011
A Family Camp for all ages and
unaccompanied teenagers 13-17.
Our 2017 Camp over 120 participating
Patriot Camp for 5-11 year-olds added in 2014
Camp Constitution
Camp Motto: Honoring the PastTeaching the PresentPreparing the
Camp Constitution is a New Hampshire based Charitable Trust

Run a week long family summer camp

Has information tables at various venues-home school shows, county fairs,
guns shows etc.
A publishing arm: Camp Constitution Press
A page with books, articles, reprints from those who teach at
camp as well as our nations organic documents
Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe channels with videos of our camp classes and
activities, programs which Camp Constitution attends and local, regional
and national history
Research material
Offer a life changing and/or life affirming experience
Life time friendships
Help make current Constitutional activists more effective and help to create
the next generation of activists.
Highlight Four campers:

Camp Constitution is the highlight of my familys year.

Camp Instructors Over the Years
Mrs. KrisAnne Hall
Sam Blumenfeld
Art Horn, Weatherman
Dr. Mildred Jefferson
Dr. Michael Coffman
Tom DeWeese
John McManus
NH State Reps: Norman Tregenza, Dan Itse, Bob Kingsbury, Paul Ingbretgson, and Jenn Coffey
Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear
Rev. Steven Craft
Karen Whalen, Minuteman Participant
Fred Polnich-Uncle Sam Re-enactor
Tom Moor-Local Historian
Ron Peik
-signer of global warming petition
Earl Wallace, Author of The Three Dimensional Leader.
Jim Perloff, author of Shadows of Power, and Tornadoi Through a Junkyard.
Pastor Scott Lively
Dan McGonigle author
Tom Moor, Historian
We also have some campers who instruct. Last year Alex Hale will do a class on the
Revolutionary War
Earl Wallace and Uncle
Instructors at Camp
Informative classes taught by authors,
legislators, leaders of patriotic
Authors include Sam Blumenfeld, Earl
Wallace, James Perloff, Jenn Coffey, Fred
Polinish, Rev. Steve Craft, KrisAnne Hall,
Tom DeWeese, Dr. Michael Coffman
Patriot Pastor Garrett Lear
Weatherman Art Horn, Dr Mildred Jefferson
Uncle Sam Reenactor Fred Polinish
Elected officials: NH State Reps Jenn
Coffey, Norman Tregenza, Robert
Kingsbury, and Dan Itse

New instructors for 2017: Larry Pratt and

Willie Soon
Camp Classes
Americas Godly Heritage
U.S. and State Constitutions
Exposing Agenda 21 and the United Nations
Morality and Freedom
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Economics: What is Money,
Creationism vs. Evolution
Conspiracy-The Council on Foreign Relations
Right to Keep and Bear Arms
How to be a Constitutional Activist
Constitutional State Militias vs Nation Guard
Time Line of U.S, History
Camp Activity

Chess tournaments
Softball and wiffleball
Indoor rock climbing
Ballroom Dancing
Camp Newspaper
Camp Fire
Staff with Years of
Camp Director
Program Director
Head Counselor
Nurse, Doctor, Lifeguard
Recreation Director
Daily Schedule
6:30 AM Polar Bear Swim and/or Run optional
7:00 AM Wake Up
7:50 Morning Devotion/Flag Raising
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM First Class (Room Inspection)
10: 00 AM Class (10 minutes of break time
between classes)
11:00 AM Class
Daily Schedule
12:00 Lunch
1:00 PM: Organized Recreation:
Volleyball, Tug of War, Steal the Bacon,
Wiffleball, Basketball, Chess Tournaments,
2:00-5:00 Free Time
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Class
7:20 Flag Lowering
Daily Schedule
7:30 Class
9:00 Camp Fire (Bring your flashlight and
Mosquito Repellant
10:00 Late Night Snack, Distribute the Camp
10:30 In Cabins, Rooms
11:00 Lights Out
Daily Schedule
Tuesday: Optional Field Trip to Mt. Monadnock
Wednesday: All day field trip to Lexington and
Concord with a stop for ice cream
Saturday: Community Outreach, Closing
Ceremonies, Awards,
Patriot Camp
Musket Training
Field Trips
Hike Up Mt. Monadnock
Evening Campfire
Camp Fire
Swimming and Boating
Morning Inspection with a Patriot
and Godly Theme
Field trips
Concord and Lexington: Hancock-Clark House,
Monroe Tavern, Lexington Battle Green, Visitors
Concord Bridge
Uncle Sam House
Concord Historical Society
Franklin Pierces Home
Hike up Mt. Monadnock
Rindge Historical Society
Winchendon Historical Society
Louisa May Alcotts Home
Bunker Hill, Old Ironsides, Tea Party Museum, NH
and MA State Houses
Year Round Activity
Youtube Channel
Facebook Page
Camp Constitution Radio Show
Information Tables:
Homeschool Shows:
Parade Floats
Website Blog(Looking for Writers)
Sam Blumenfeld Archives
Camp Constitution Press
Year Round Activitry
Speakers Bureau
Hosting Speaking Engagements
Testifying before legislators
Camp Constitution News-attending and
reporting on events
Special Projects: Willie Soon, Eagle Forum, and
National Asso for Gun Rights, Rev. Craft Press
Conference in Maine
Participating in a documentary about Dr.
Mass HOPE Homeschool Convention
April 2016
Sam Blumenfeld Archives
130,000 Views Per Month

Alpha-Phonics with all 128 Lessons

in audio and video

Hundreds of Sams speeches in

audio and video

All of his monthly newsletters

His correspondence

Works previously unpublished

Friends of Algeria, and Katanga

Jewish Society of Americanists

Camp Constitution
Speakers Bureau
Camp Constitution Press:
Our Latest Title
Camp Constitution Press
Todays Youth
80% of voters under 30 support Bernie or
Government schools have been dumbing
down students for several generations
Common Core
Morality in decline
Camp Constitution
Plans, goals and vision:
Strengthen our camp program
Start other camp constitutions
Work with those who would want to start
similar programs in their areas
Operate a year round program?
Purchase a camp facility?
A full time director and staff
Starting a New Camp
Start Up funds 3k to 5K
Web Site, promotional brochures
We will help in any way possible
Are We Making a
Since 2009 We distributed over 10,000 copies
of the U.S. Constitution
Made a Direct Impact on Hundreds of Young
People and their families
Helped to stop Agenda 21 policies in NH, and
Helped to oppose an Article V Convention
Helped to expose Common Core in the inner-
cities as well as the rural areas of New
Youtube Channel has close to 250,000 views
Are We Making a
Sam Blumenfeld Archive being utilized by
people all over the world. Over 5,000 copies
of Alpha-Phonics have been downloaded
Our presence at homeschool shows and other
venues helps to bring an understanding to
attendees on a variety of issues including
Common Core, Climate Change Hoax, the
dangers of an Article V Convention, the U.N,
and a bettter understanding of the U.S.
What Can You Do
Promote the Camp Program
Become a Camp Sponsor
Offer Your Talent, Time, Treasure
Volunteer at camp
Lets Keep the Campfires

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