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Often regarded as the nerve center of

the hotel, the front office is where

guests check in and out , payments on
accounts are made and messages are
exchanged. Front desk staff should be
people-oriented, good at solving
problems and attentive to details. The
actions and attitudes displayed toward
guests are a big part of what the hotel
is selling.......SERVICE!


Front Office Manager
Front Desk Agent (Receptionist)
Reservation Agent
Telephone Operator
Front Office Cashier
Night Auditor
In a group of 4, you are required to
discuss the job specifications and
responsibilities of each position.
Each group will discuss on ONE (1)
position respectively.
Time given is 10 minutes.
Share in class the result of your
Basic Function: To supervise all front
office personnel and ensure proper
completion of all front office duties.
Evaluate and decide the need of
personnel in the department.
Evaluate the job performance of each
front office employee.
Resolve guest problems quickly, efficiently
and courteously
Basic function: To assist guests in all front office-
related functions in an efficient, courteous and
professional manner that maintains high standards
of service and hospitality
Register guests and assign rooms; dispending
room key, accommodate special requests.
Know room status, locations , type and rates
Coordinate rooms status with housekeeping
department; notify all check-out, early check in,
special requests etc
Greeting guest
Handling special request
Handling check-in and check-out
Basic function: To handle all future reservations,
matching the needs of the guests with the hotel
Process reservations by mail, telephone, cable, fax
or CRS
Maintain reservations records by date and time of
arrival and alphabetical listings.
Prepare expected arrival lists and communicate
reservation information for front office.
Up sell accommodation
Providing management information to other
Process booking
Basic function: receives and directs incoming and
outgoing calls to individual guests, staff or
Processing all incoming and outgoing calls.
Transfering call
Take and distribute messages for guests.
Log all wake up call requests and perform wake
up call services
Provide information about guests services to
Basic function : Guests accounting tasks require
efficiency and accuracy. The tasks of the front office
cashier center on the guest accounting cycle.
Operate front office posting system.
Post charges to guests account.
Settle guests accounts in cash, credit card, company
account by transferring balances to the respective
Receiving payment
Balancing guest account
Maintenance of guest account
Administer the safe deposit system
Handling foreign currency
Basic functions: Specializes in assisting
the guest regardless of whether
inquiries concern in hotel or off-
premises attractions, facilities, services
or activities
Develop a strong knowledge of the
hotels facilities and services and of the
surrounding community
Coordinate guest requests for special
services or equipment with the
appropriate department.
Basic Functions: Must be skilled record
keeper (track room revenues, occupancy
percentages, and other front office
operating statistics). Prepare a summary
of the financial performance for the day.
Basically an employee of the accounts
Verify all account postings and balances.
Prepare a summary of cash, cheques,
credit card activities and summary of
results of operations for management.



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