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Event PR

1. Incentives
2. Sales meetings
3. Presentations
4. Anniversaries
5. Ceremonies
6. Galas/ Balls
7. Sports Events
8. Cultural Events
9. Congresses
10. Fairs/exhibitions
11. Lectures
12. Youth Events
Crisis and Conflicts

1.Components of Crisis management.

2. Press releases
3.Interviews/ statements
4. Background discussions
5. On-site appointments
Types of Crisis

Natural disasters
Sudden Executives resignation
Criminal charges
Court decisions
Health and safety issues
Product recalls
Crisis communication

Have a plan(annual update,

exercise, train)
First 24h; Get CEO to scene
Issue initial statement
Show compassion
Have one designated spokesperson
Have a Crisis centre
Have prototype news release ready to fill
Update corporate websites
Setup a telephone line
Keep all key audiences updated daily
Consumer relations
Give aways
Clubs and cards
Instruction Manuals
Special offers
Online relations
Individual website
Email News letter
Online Events
Online Publishing
Input(chats and Newsgroups)
Setting up own forums
Online PR

Online press conference

Audio/ video streaming
Rich Media
Alternative: Summary Report
Interview/ Statements
Different Types of Media
Media type Definition Examples The role Benefits
Owned Channel a *Website Build for *control *No
Media Brand *Mobile site longer term * cost guarantees
controls *Blog relationship efficiency *Company
*Twitter with existing *longevity communicati
account potential * Versatility on not
customers * Niche trusted
and earn audience *Takes time
media to scale
Paid media Brand pays to *Display ads Shift from *In demand *Clutter
leverage a *Paid search foundation to *Immediacy *Declining
channel *Sponsorship a catalyst *Scale response
that feeds * Control rate
owned and *Poor
creates credibility
earned media
Earned When *WOM Listen and *Most *No control
media customers *Buzz respond.. credible *Can be
become the *Viral Earn media is *Key role in negative
channel often the most sales *Scale
result of well- *Transparent *Hard to
executed and and lives on measure
owned and
paid media
Contact care
Always with a reason
Visit/talk only after telephone or e-mail
Be brief
Use the same professional language
Respond to editorial request
Act openly and honestly, build and
maintain trust
Try to establish yourself of somebody as
an expert
Essential Steps to Writing
Press Rele ase

1. Craft a hook
2. Add a great headline
3. Avoid jargon
4. Provide resources
5. Proofread
6. Share your news
The Press Release

KISS Keep it Simple and Stupid!

_ Correct spelling and grammar!
_ Maximum 2 pages
_ Being neutral and objective
_ No exaggerations and personalization's
_ Exact figures (especially, when you use
_ Use cites
The most important
comes first!

Inverted Pyramid

Sub-Head _3-5 lines
_5 Ws

Text _2-3 paragraphs
_1 W per paragraph

Boiler Plate
Legend (Pics)
Fact Sheet
Fact Box


Opinion writing

An opinion is something you have strong

feeling about

Clear opinion statement

With supporting reasons

An op-ed is not an essay, something
that unrolls slowly like a carpet, building
momentum to some point or conclusion.
Checklist to keep your opinion piece on track:

Focus tightly on one issue or idea in

your first paragraph. Be brief.
Express your opinion, and then base it on
factual, researched or first-hand
Be timely, controversial, but not
outrageous. Be the voice of reason.
Be personal and conversational; it can
help you make your point.
Be humorous, provided that your topic
lends itself to humor. Irony can also be
Have a clear editorial viewpoint come
down hard on one side of the issue. Dont
Provide insight, understanding: educate
your reader without being preachy.
Near the end, clearly re-state your
position and issue a call to action. Dont
Have verve, and fire in the gut
indignation to accompany your logical

Dont ramble or let your op-ed unfold

slowly, as in an essay.

Use clear, powerful, direct language.

Emphasize active verbs, forget adjectives

and adverbs, which only weaken writing.
Avoid clichs and jargon.
Appeal to the average reader. Clarity is
Write 750 double-spaced words or less
(fewer is always better) for newspapers,
but your piece can go longer for your
blog. But remember, shorter is always
Include a brief bio, along with your phone
number, email address, and mailing
address at the bottom if your article goes
to a newspaper
Essential Questions

Why do writers write? What is the

What makes clear and effective writing?
Who is the audience? What will work best
for the audience?
How do grammar and the conventions of
language influence spoken and written
What are the goals of an opinion writing?

To state the writers opinion

To support the opinion with logically ordered

reasons reinforced by unbiased facts and details
Some common types of opinion

Response to Literature

Opinion Essay

Letter to Editor


1. Dont be afraid to ring up and ask about your

2. Dont be late!
3. Telephone interviews.
4. You should check and double check the time
and date of the interview.
5. Research, research, research and research.
6. Practice makes perfect.
8. Always come armed with questions.
7.What to wear? Clothes for a start.
9. The best job interviews take the form of a
formal conversation.
10. Think more expect the unexpected rather
than be afraid, be very afraid.
Thank you!!.